Simplesa® is Now Offering the Deanna Protocol® and Lunasin to ALS Patients

Simplesa, a nutrition company established in 2013 has expanded its products for the Deanna Protocol with the addition of LunaCell™.


Patients with ALS (PALS) have been following the Deanna Protocol (DP) since it was first released in 2011. The Deanna Protocol is an all-natural metabolic program developed by Dr. Vincent Tedone, a retired physician whose daughter, Deanna, was diagnosed with ALS. The Deanna Protocol works to support mitochondria dysfunction with energy production and the counteracting oxidative stress. The Deanna Protocol (DP) helps improve the quality of life for people with ALS. Patients who consistently follow the plan have reported an improvement in energy production, reduction in muscle twitching and cramping, and improved coordination, balance, and limberness. 

Lunasin first caught the attention of physicians and the ALS community when Mike McDuff, who was diagnosed with ALS, took the nutrient in 2012 and had a remarkable recovery. Therefore, Lunasin, a soy peptide that may alter histone acetylation, has been associated with ALS reversal. [1] Lunasin was the first dietary compound with an identified epigenetic mechanism of action.  PALS often have elevated levels of free radicals. Lunasin is significant to the ALS population as multiple studies show Lunasin helps reduce free radical production while also scavenging free radicals. Since that time, Lunasin has caught the attention of many trying to cure and/or treat ALS. Among those interested in Lunasin and ALS is Dr. Richard Bedlack, Director of the ALS Clinic at Duke University. He started the first of its kind study on Lunasin with reporting conducted through a patient network and real-time research platform called Patients Like Me. 

I only take half of the capsules and it costs half as much as other Lunasin I took. Thank you.

Verified Simplesa Customer

As with the Deanna Protocol, Simplesa saw the potential to help PALS with Lunasin.  Simplesa® recently released its Lunasin product, LunaCell™, which consists of a superior bioavailable form of Lunasin and is priced relatively lower than other Lunasin products. This formulation allows patients to take fewer capsules and quickly absorb more Lunasin into their system.  

Feedback from verified consumers of the products has been very positive:

"It seems impossible but after two days my dad muscle movement on leg that is useless for more than a year." – Andrej

"I only take half of the capsules and it costs half as much as other Lunasin I took. Thank you." – Pedro O.

Simplesa® has always been committed to meeting the unmet needs of its consumers, and they quickly saw the benefit to PALS to provide more options with the Deanna Protocol® products and LunaCell™. This new program is opening doors for additional choices for PALS to try both complimentary regimes and improve their quality of life.

About Simplesa®
Simplesa® was founded in 2013 because it saw a need and had a solution. ALS patients were having success following the Deanna Protocol, but it was too complex and expensive the way it was distributed. Simplesa® formulated products specifically for these ALS patients to simplify their regimen and lower the cost of the products they take. The brand is continuously on the lookout for other similar situations to help patients keep their supplemental and nutritional regimes simple.

Corporate Contact
Steve Margolis


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Source: Simplesa®

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