Silver Lion, Inc. Expands Operations and Builds Team

Silver Lion, Inc.'s President discussed the firm's expansion into a new market in the South. He also elaborated on the team's search for fresh talent and the benefits of opening new markets.

“Anytime you have a chance to spread your influence as a company, you have to take advantage of it,” declared the President of Silver Lion, Inc. “Right now we have a golden opportunity to expand into a vibrant southern market, and we are excited to make the move. I know that our team will make the most of this effort, and the people behind the brands we promote are also poised to reap significant rewards.”

The President revealed that the new office is up and running with innovative campaigns ready to be launched. “It’s a great time to be part of the Silver Lion, Inc. family,” he remarked. “I am confident that the next few months will be record-breaking for our team, and that we will continue exploring new markets as 2016 wears on.”

"It's a great time to be part of the Silver Lion, Inc. family,"

Silver Lion, Inc.’s executive team is also looking for dynamic talent to add to their group of top performers. “We know these ambitious expansion plans call for additional team members, and we are working hard to identify the perfect fits,” the President added. “Our ideal candidate is a strong team player and is committed to constant improvement. We want to find driven individuals who are prepared to grow and develop right along with our company. Anyone who meets this criterion is welcome to apply online.”

Silver Lion, Inc.’s President Outlines the Benefits of Expansion

Expansion comes with many benefits, one of which is the chance to broaden a company’s audience. The President explained, “By entering the southern market, we are turning on a whole different demographic to the Silver Lion, Inc. experience. We will be bringing a lot of excitement to the area and giving the brands we promote wider exposure in the process. I can’t wait to see what our team is going to accomplish as we go forward in this unexplored territory.”

With an increased market share comes stronger financial position, which the President readily acknowledges. He remarked, “When you show that you can thrive no matter where you go, it allows you to finance future moves. I have no doubt that Silver Lion, Inc. will expand further in the coming months and years, and that we will continue building our reputation as an innovative industry leader. The only question is how quickly we will reach our next expansion goal, and I think the answer is sooner rather than later.”

About Silver Lion, Inc.

Silver Lion, Inc. is a results-driven consulting and marketing services firm committed to delivering interactive promotions that drive brand loyalty and growth. Their passionate team of brand ambassadors has the talent and initiative to develop specialized campaigns that create lasting connections between clients and their customers, and their unique communication channels produce immediate, impressive results. Silver Lion, Inc. fosters a family environment that gives their executives the freedom and support to design innovative promotions based on careful market research and consumer analysis. As a result, they have earned the opportunity to work with a diverse group of businesses, including several Fortune 500 companies.

Source: Silver Lion, Inc.