PRESS RELEASE : Silver Lion, Inc. Poised for Growth Through 2016

The President of Silver Lion, Inc. discussed his company goals for the year, and announced a hiring push. He also used the concept of New Year's resolutions to facilitate business success.

“For Silver Lion, Inc., 2016 will be remembered as one of the best years ever,” said the firm’s President. “Things progressed beautifully through the last year, and we’re taking advantage of the momentum that has resulted. We’re committed to extraordinary growth for our company, and for the brands we serve.”

Movement into new markets is one of the team’s most ambitious goals for 2016. The President pointed out that the business has maintained steady growth since its inception, but he and his fellow leaders believe the team members are ready to enhance their efforts exponentially.

"By extending our reach into new markets, we gain greater visibility and more conversions for the brands we promote,"

“By extending our reach into new markets, we gain greater visibility and more conversions for the brands we promote,” he stated. “It’s also nice that we expand our own reach and build new partnerships in the process.”

To support Silver Lion, Inc.’s expansion, the company President is recruiting team-oriented and motivated individuals who are eager to learn about sales and marketing. He emphasized that previous experience isn’t needed for candidates to win coveted positions on the team. The firm’s intensive training and coaching programs will prepare new hires to succeed and advance through the ranks.

“Working here comes with some great benefits,” he indicated. “Above all else, our culture of integrity and empowerment is renowned in the industry. The brightest minds in our field compete to join our group, because the opportunities we provide are unmatched. Anyone who wants to learn more can visit our website.”

Silver Lion, Inc. President Highlights Business-Oriented Resolutions

According to Silver Lion, Inc.’s President, business leaders in all industries should set some basic goals to ensure growth. “I tend to look at annual objectives as New Year’s resolutions that mustn’t be broken,” he continued. “To make sure we continue on the right path, my team members and I separate our big, audacious goals into smaller milestones. Doing so makes things more manageable, and it helps us assess our project and determine whether we need to change direction.”

“These efforts require substantial planning, of course,” he concluded. “That’s why we set aside time to brainstorm and strategize on a regular basis. Eliminating office distractions and getting together to brainstorm leads to assessment of our priorities, the distribution of assignments, reviews of our mission and values, and insights into how each individual contributes to the success of the whole. These resolutions invariably lead to amazing outcomes.”

About Silver Lion, Inc.

Silver Lion, Inc. is a results-driven consulting and marketing services firm committed to delivering interactive promotions that drive brand loyalty and growth. Their passionate team of brand ambassadors has the talent and initiative to develop specialized campaigns that create lasting connections between clients and their customers, and their unique communication channels produce immediate, impressive results. Silver Lion, Inc. fosters a family environment that gives their executives the freedom and support to design innovative promotions based on careful market research and consumer analysis. As a result, they have earned the opportunity to work with a diverse group of businesses, including several Fortune 500 companies.