Silver Lion, Inc. CEO Delivered Keynote Speech at Conference

The Silver Lion, Inc. CEO recently delivered the keynote speech at a national industry conference. He indicated it this was a wonderful opportunity to help expand the firm's brand.

​Every quarter, members of the sales and marketing industry gather for a national conference on leadership and business. During this event, experts from around the industry share their knowledge and insight. This quarter, the Silver Lion, Inc. CEO had the opportunity to give the keynote during the event.

“This was a great honor and an amazing opportunity to share what I have learned,” he said. “I focused on recruitment and talent management strategies, particularly interviewing. I believe that this is the single most important responsibility of a business leader. If you can’t surround yourself with great people, it won’t matter how skilled you are in other areas.”

"We all know what we are looking for, but remembering the specifics during the actual interview can be tough,"

Silver Lion, Inc.’s CEO Shares Some of His Speech

The Silver Lion, Inc. CEO took the opportunity to share some of the ideas he talked about during his keynote speech. For example, he encouraged his colleagues to spend time preparing for each interview. He indicated that he has found it immensely helpful to review the candidate’s résumé in advance and to make notes on some key topics to discuss.

“We all know what we are looking for, but remembering the specifics during the actual interview can be tough,” he said. “A few minutes of preparation for each interview can be really worthwhile. Personally, I like to note some of the thoughts I have in advance and which aspects of the applicant’s prior experience I want to know more about.”

He also advocated keeping the process relatively informal. Taking an overly structured approach can result in the candidates feeling on edge and sharing less. He asserted that making them feel stiff and uncomfortable accomplishes nothing productive.

“I also always make sure to probe into every story,” he said. “Chances are that they have prepared a few answers to common questions. However, follow-up inquiries about specifics can help to really tease out valuable insight.”

He added that it is important for the employer to sell the opportunity. As such, he advocated showing enthusiasm and attentiveness. Anyone wanting to attract top talent will need to be able to convince candidates that they offer great opportunities.

“Of course, it is also beneficial to practice,” he concluded. “As we know at Silver Lion, Inc., every skill requires effort and experience to become masterful. Fortunately, that preparation work and taking notes during the interview can make it easier to hone the process. I always jot down some thoughts on how well I am doing during the meeting that I can reflect on later.”

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