Sharon Brown Coogle's New Book 'Flying Treasure' is a Riveting Tale of Adventure Among Three Alaskan Children, a Gold Mine, and a Boy's Homing Pigeon Who Comes to Their Rescue

Recent release 'Flying Treasure' from Covenant Books author Sharon Brown Coogle is a galvanizing masterpiece about three children's adventure into an abandoned gold mine in Alaska, a cave in, and a young boy's homing pigeon that carries a message across the wilderness with a plea for rescue.

​Sharon Brown Coogle, home designer, artist and bible study leader, has completed her new book “Flying Treasure”: a captivating narrative about a young boy’s homing pigeon who carries a message for help when three children are trapped in a caved in Alaskan gold mine along with an angry grizzly bear.


Sharon writes, “Three friends head out into the Alaska Bush to explore an abandoned gold mine. Their adventure turns into a nightmare when the old mine starts caving in.

The story then goes back in time to earlier that same year in Anchorage, Alaska, where a young boy, Daniel, starts training one of his grandfather’s homing pigeons to be in a race. He discovers that pigeons have special abilities and learns how they have been used in the past for communication.

His pigeon, Streak, and Kayla, who gets lost while going for help, meet when they both take refuge under a big spruce tree during a storm.

Kayla befriends the frightened bird and discovers a message capsule is attached to his leg. Could this little pigeon go for help? A wounded grizzly bear poses even more danger. How will the children get out of this dangerous situation? Something appears that had been hidden.

The children learn that some treasures are not material things but are the life lessons learned by experiences; that prayer and trust in God are a real help and comfort in time of trouble, parents make rules to protect them, friendship is more important than gold, and that helping others is a rewarding experience.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Sharon Brown Coogle’s new book is a wonderful masterpiece that exudes with thoughtfulness, courage, and initiative—virtues that define a hero willing to come to aid no matter the nature or circumstance.

This book also contains reverberating values that both adults and children can learn from and practice throughout their lives.

Readers can purchase “Flying Treasure” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

Covenant Books is an international Christian owned and operated publishing house based in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. Covenant Books specializes in all genres of work which appeal to the Christian market. For additional information or media inquiries, contact Covenant Books at 843-507-8373.

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