SEVEN Members Among Speakers at ESOP Association's 2016 Las Vegas Conference & Trade Show

Top ESOP experts speaking at this year's ESOP Association's 2016 Las Vegas Conference & Trade Show are members of logo

​Seven members of are set to attend and present on various topics relating to Employee Stock Ownership Plans at the Las Vegas ESOP Conference & Trade Show - November 10 -11, 2016, at Caesars Palace.

The Las Vegas ESOP Conference & Trade Show is the largest ESOP conference in the world. Event coordinators describe the conference as “the premium venue for understanding the technical aspects of managing an ESOP and complying with federal laws and regulations.”

We are thrilled to have these outstanding members of the community sharing their expertise with the attendees of the 2016 Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show.

Jack Veale, Founder of

More than 150 speakers will be presenting in over 60 sessions during the conference.

Among the presenters and attendees at this year’s Las Vegas ESOP Conference & Trade Show are valued members of Please see below the topics on which members will be speaking:

ESOP Jeopardy

We supply the questions for your nagging ESOP answers. Join us for an interactive program which will borrow from the TV game show, Jeopardy. Using a broad array of categories, we will explore well-known and lesser-known aspects of ESOP ownership. Participants will compete for valuable (?) prizes and priceless (?!) bragging rights. Our presenters will also welcome questions and input from the audience throughout the program.

Carla Neal Klingler, Swerdlin & Company

Legal and Regulatory Update: To be Repeated

This session will provide an overview of judicial decisions and agency guidance over the past year. Both L&R Update sessions, although presented by different speakers, will cover the same material.

Gregory K. Brown, Holland & Knight LLP

Corporate Due Diligence Prior to a Sale to an ESOP or Third Party

Most companies that go through an ESOP transaction have never gone through a real due diligence before. If they start on this before the ESOP side of the transaction is put together, the ESOP transaction will go more smoothly and quicker, and the key decision makers can put their attention to the major transaction issues. Similarly, if an ESOP Company is being sold to another Company, the ESOP Company can expect significant diligence from the Buyer and needs to be prepared for that in advance. In this diligence, the operation of the ESOP will be scrutinized by the Buyer and Lender. Where items need

remedial help, this can be done in advance. The advance internal review process also identifies red flags that may impact either transaction.

Elizabeth S. Perdue, Holland & Knight LLP

A Year in the Life of a Trustee

A month by month breakdown of the responsibilities of a trustee within a calendar year. Perfect session to help trustees with their list of things to do.

Howard L. Kaplan, First Bankers Trust Services, Inc.

Ideal ESOP Structures for Making Acquisitions and Raising Capital

Does your ESOP Company's strategic plan call for acquisitions or other significant investments that may require outside capital? Our experts will discuss how ESOP-owned companies can reorganize their capital structure to more effectively allow for outside capital and use its existing equity as acquisition currency, while still preserving the tax-efficient ESOP structure.

John A. Kober, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP (Moderator)

Growing ESOP Companies Through Acquisitions

Is your ESOP-owned company considering making acquisitions as part of its growth strategy? There are many complex financial, fiduciary, and legal issues involved when ESOP companies make acquisitions. Our panel of experts will address (1) finding and approaching target companies; (2) valuing target companies and dealing with fairness and fiduciary issues; (3) structuring and financing an acquisition; and (4) other important legal issues.

C. Grant McCorkhill, Holland & Knight LLP (Moderator)

Christopher A. Kramer, Strategic Equity Group

Jack Veale, the founder of said, “We are thrilled to have these outstanding members of the community sharing their expertise with the attendees of the 2016 Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show.”

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