Seven Cities Unlimited Sets Aggressive Goals for 2016

Seven Cities Unlimited's President offered details on the firm's ambitious growth objectives for 2016. He provided some simple tips to help business leaders achieve their goals.

“We believe in getting a new year off to a fast start here at Seven Cities Unlimited,” said Dave, the President. “As we dive headlong into 2016, we do so with an array of aggressive targets. I think it’s crucial to make goals as clear as possible, and that’s what we have spent the first few days of the year doing. We are well-positioned to make 2016 a banner year for Seven Cities Unlimited, our team members, and the people behind the exciting brands we represent.”

Opening new markets is a central focus for the company’s leaders in the coming year. Dave explained, “Our firm has grown significantly over the last year, and we see no reason to slow that expansion in 2016. Rapidly developing markets will be seeing more of Seven Cities Unlimited’s unique interactive campaigns, and I can’t wait to see how much our driven professionals will achieve. It’s an exciting time to be involved with our firm.”

"We have an incredible group of team players here at Seven Cities Unlimited,"

Dave, President

Company leaders also know they will need to invest in additional talent to make their lofty ambitions for 2016 become reality. “We have an incredible group of team players here at Seven Cities Unlimited,” the President added. “To make sure we bring in the right fits, we will be looking for skilled individuals who work well with others and bring a dedication to constant improvement. Our firm offers a clear path to professional advancement, and I am confident that we will attract the sharpest candidates in the industry.”

Seven Cities Unlimited’s President Offers Tips for Achieving Big Goals

When it comes to reaching the ambitious goals set for the New Year, Dave has some specific strategies he would recommend to any business leader. One is to remember what was accomplished in the previous year. He explained, “I think it’s important to avoid beginning a year with a blank slate. Here at Seven Cities Unlimited, we had an amazing 2015, and I don’t want to lose the momentum we created. I believe every company leader with high hopes in the New Year should build on the achievements of the prior year and use those wins as motivation.”

Dave also suggests breaking long-term objectives into smaller pieces. “By using this approach, you can achieve smaller milestones along the way and avoid getting overwhelmed by the big picture,” he concluded. “Every small step you take boosts your motivation to keep going.”

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