Seven Cities Unlimited Returns From Conference Energized

Qualifying associates from Seven Cities Unlimited recently came home from a weekend leadership conference. Those who attended received specialized training and networked with industry leaders.

​Top producers from the Seven Cities Unlimited marketing firm are still basking in the glow of a fantastic leadership conference, according to Dave, the firm’s President. He also shared that weekend events like these are unique opportunities to learn new information, connect with other leaders across North America, and grow both personally and professionally.

“I have had the pleasure of attending several leadership conferences, and I’ve enjoyed every one,” stated Dave. “The information that is shared there cannot be found anywhere else; it’s relevant and practical and immediately makes me and my team better at what we do. I consider trips like these to be invaluable investments in the success of Seven Cities Unlimited and the professionals I work with.”

"I have had the pleasure of attending several leadership conferences, and I've enjoyed every one,"

Dave, President

Travel opportunities are also part of Seven Cities Unlimited’s training program. Dave and his leadership team show how invested they are in the firm’s associates by providing several different types of educational opportunities. Not only does the company sponsor trips, but management pairs new associates with experienced professionals in order to provide one-to-one support. “I want all my colleagues – whether they just started yesterday or they’ve been with me since the beginning – to know how committed I am to helping them achieve their goals,” he said.

President of Seven Cities Unlimited Shares Networking Strategies

Among the benefits of attending industry events are the networking opportunities that it presents. According to Dave, building a strong professional network is not an option for anyone who’s serious about advancing his or her career.

“Many people think of networking as this tacky activity that requires you to schmooze and put your business cards into as many hands as possible. Honestly, I wouldn’t like doing that either,” the President explained. “I teach Seven Cities Unlimited associates that networking is about helping people solve problems.”

When at an event like the one they attended recently, Dave and his team introduce themselves to people and then ask questions to try and identify needs they can fulfill. That way, word gets around that the professionals from Seven Cities Unlimited are people who genuinely care about others – not just themselves.

“We don’t wait for the occasional conference to perfect our networking techniques though,” Dave concluded. “There are plenty of local and online venues where we can meet professionals. Plus, for something fun and exciting, some of us attend speed-networking events. With only a minute or two to make a connection, it really keeps you sharp!”

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