SeoSamba Unveils Its Guide to Successful Franchise Development and Brand Marketing Strategies

Franchise development & brand marketing strategies

​​​​SeoSamba, the international SEO and sales & marketing automation software company, released its comprehensive guide on franchise development and brand marketing strategies on January 10, 2018.

The Franchise Development and Brand Marketing Strategies guide takes a detailed look at how franchises and emerging brands have, in some cases, boosted local leads by 400 percent in eight months, and 1,000 percent in 16 months.

“Franchises, especially emerging brands, requires a partner that brings readily available answers to the table. This strategy playbook conveys SeoSamba’s holistic approach, which we believe is the only way to succeed for recruiting investors and helping franchise territories in today’s highly competitive environment,” shared Michel Leconte, CEO and founder of SeoSamba.

Among the successful franchises that have employed SeoSamba’s digital marketing software is Senior Care Authority, an assisted living facilities and services franchise.

“Integrating various marketing initiatives with technology is a key to our franchisees’ success,” said Frank M. Samson, CEO and founder of Senior Care Authority. “The professionalism and innovation provided to us by SeoSamba have become a major part of this success.”

The guide examines how franchises have re-engineered their directory systems by integrating SeoSamba’s large-scale search engine optimization marketing technology, leading to increased local leads. Other successful protocols have included rebuilding and optimizing franchises’ corporate websites, including new geo-located franchisee location systems, and deploying locally customizable and distributed franchisee websites hooked up with SeoSamba’s centralized online marketing platform.

“Combining our software and expertise with Senior Care Authority’s proactive management has predictably yielded tremendous results,” said Mr. Leconte. “It’s yet another example of how our franchise marketing solution benefits brands and their franchisees.”

About SeoSamba

SeoSamba serves thousands of small businesses around the world with service centers in the United States and Europe. Its software is private labeled by large media companies and available in 14 languages.

SeoSamba’s Hub & Spoke technology amplifies marketing effectiveness as companies scale their brand’s footprint. You also enjoy mechanical incremental benefits in your franchise recruitment efforts from participating franchisees while they are generating more leads in local markets.

SeoSamba offers turn-key franchise development and franchise brand marketing for local lead generation packages.

SeoSamba’s hybrid open source marketing framework is built around the SambaSaaS marketing hub and SeoToaster Ultimate CRM +sales automation cloud edition to build and market landing pages, corporate, directories and ecommerce websites.

SeoSamba also lets you connect, then centrally market SEO WordPress websites with a free or premium plugin.

For more information about SeoSamba, visit or contact, and in the US: + (1) 877.450-9894 or in Europe: + (33) 6756376.

About Senior Care Authority

Senior Care Authority is a nationwide senior care franchise, free assisted living, in-home care placement service, and hands-on quality assistance through trained advisers providing personal care and going the extra mile for clients at no charge to the client.

For more information about assisted living & eldercare consulting by Senior Care Authority, please visit, send an email to, or call toll-free 888.894.0110.

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