Sefati & Co Announces New Services in Media Outreach, Influencer Marketing

The leading digital marketing firm Sefati & Co has announced new services in influencer marketing — an especially valuable strategy for startups seeking growth.

Sefati & Co offers a wide range of digital marketing services, always customized to meet the specific needs of the individual client. To that list of services, the company has announced that it now offers media outreach and influencer marketing — new offerings that are especially valuable to startups and growing businesses.

Unlike traditional advertising, which directly targets the consumer, influencer marketing targets those who have a lot of sway on social media — leveraging their clout and making inroads with their built-in audiences. These online “influencers” might include bloggers, YouTube stars, Instagram celebrities and even Hollywood elites.

Sefati & Co offers its services as a broker between brands and influencers, providing a data-driven approach that allows businesses to find the right influencers to pitch their products.

“Traditional PR agencies are expensive and not very efficient,” comments Al Sefati, founder of Sefati & Co. “and their one-size-fits-all approach doesn't really help the unique startup world today. Our media outreach and influencer marketing are completely unique to your needs, and it truly complements the other digital marketing services we perform for our clients.”

In addition to influencer marketing, Sefati & Co also provides clients with expertise in local SEO, e-commerce SEO, paid search marketing, paid social advertising, web development, analytics and beyond. The company is known for taking a data-driven and highly transparent approach, always providing clients with detailed reporting that shows the gains being made.

Sefati & Co is based in Orange County, California, and serves clients throughout the country. More information about the firm can be found online at


A data-driven search marketing firm in Orange County, California, Sefati & Co boasts years of experience, a high degree of technical expertise, robust content creation capabilities and certification in several leading enterprise SEO tools. Based in Orange County, the company provides its client with diverse services in website development, lead generation, social media marketing, paid search marketing, enterprise SEO, media outreach, influencer marketing and beyond. Sefati & Co is known for its personal approach, tailored to meet the needs, goals and budgets of each client. More information is available at

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