Sefati & Co Announces New Service as a Product (SaaP) Offering: Report Automation and Visualization via Google Data Studio

Sefati & Co announces new services, aimed at providing their clients with easy access to digestible information

Data plays a critical role in digital marketing, and easy access to analytic information provides marketers with clear direction for their digital strategies. However, the sheer volume of data that’s available can also be a little daunting. Sefati & Co, a leading enterprise SEO firm, is proud to offer a simple and seamless way to visualize the necessary information; specifically, the company has announced a new Service as a Product (SaaP) offering, report automation and visualization through Google Data Studio.

“Through Google Data Studio, our consultants can now bring together key information from Google Analytics, as well as imported data from Facebook and other social networks,” comments Al Sefati, founder of the company. “We can then present this information in a digestible format, whether that means line graphs, bar graphs, charts, or something else.”

There are a number of benefits to this approach. For one thing, the reports are dynamic, meaning they are updated in real time. “It’s very easy to monitor the ebb and flow of different online assets,” Sefati notes.

The information can be completely customized, too. “We can present these reports with your company’s unique branding, including fonts, colors, and logos,” says Sefati. “Thus, you can easily pass along these reports to key stakeholders in your organization.”

Collaboration is similarly streamlined and fluid. “You can share these reports just like you’d share something in Google Documents or Google Sheets,” says Sefati.

He concludes by noting that these accessible, dynamic, and customizable reports make it easier than ever for enterprises to summon all the information they need for informed marketing decisions — and that the Sefati consultants are standing by to furnish these reports as well as to help interpret them.

Sefati & Co is based in Orange County, California, and serves clients throughout the country. More information about the firm can be found online at ​

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