Second Annual Reman Day is a Resounding Success

Global event showcases the economic and environmental benefits of remanufacturing.

​​​​​​​​​​​April 11, 2019 marked the second annual global Reman Day™, a celebration honored by the Remanufacturing Industries Council. The day included companies, communities and professionals participating in a wide range of valuable networking events showcasing the exciting opportunities happening in remanufacturing today.

Reman Day is a global event executed at the local level. Remanufacturers host students, teachers, parents, job seekers and other local community members at open houses, plant tours and presentations designed to demonstrate the benefits of remanufacturing and inspire the next generation of remanufacturers. 

This year’s events encompassed nearly 200 locations, spanning 21 countries on all six inhabited continents. Celebrations were not only global but included participation from the entirety of the remanufacturing industry -- all 12 of the recognized sectors of remanufacturing were involved. A resolution from the U.S. House of Representatives and Proclamations from State and Local government officials was signed, formally establishing April 11, 2019 as Reman Day. 

“Reman Day is a critical component in raising public awareness and perception about remanufacturing. It’s a valuable opportunity to educate students and local community members on the benefits of our industry,” stated Jenn Brake, Director of Marketing and Membership, Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC). “We are excited to keep the momentum going. Mark your calendars for April 9, 2020.”

Remanufacturing is a comprehensive and rigorous industrial process by which a previously sold, leased, used, worn or non-functional product or part is returned to a “same-as-when-new or better” condition, from both a quality and performance perspective, through a controlled, reproducible and sustainable process. [1]

Remanufacturing is a $160 billion industry worldwide, providing well over 450,000 jobs. It is a key part of the circular economy keeping valuable products in use and out of the waste stream, giving them multiple lives. On average, it saves 85 percent of energy, water and material use, compared to a newly manufactured product, and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions between 79 percent and 99 percent. [2]

Reman Day was created in 2018 by the Remanufacturing Industries Council, a strategic alliance of remanufacturing leaders focused on advancing the entire industry. Additional organizations part of RIC’s Remanufacturing Association Alliance that played a vital role in the success of Reman Day are Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA), Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA), Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA), International Imaging Technology Council (I-ITC), Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League (PEARL), and Reman World, the leading international cross-industry remanufacturing publication. 

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For further information about Reman Day, contact Jenn Brake at or 585-380-8041.

About the Remanufacturing Industries Council:

Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC) is the unified voice for a global remanufacturing audience. We leverage our members and their networks to provide expertise on overcoming local and international challenges that impact the remanufacturing industry – from tools to technology to market acceptance and best practices. RIC provides a platform for advocating, collaborating and educating stakeholders to create increased awareness and build upon the successful acceptance of remanufactured products worldwide. As the voice of the remanufacturing industry, RIC actively promotes the financial, environmental and workforce benefits of this important business sector. The Remanufacturing Industries Council is a vital support and promotion organization for the global recognition of the value of remanufactured goods and the creator of the ANSI standard RIC001.1-2016: Specifications for the Process of Remanufacturing.


[1] Remanufacturing Industries Council, RIC001.1-2016: Specifications for the Process of Remanufacturing.

[2] IRP (2018). Redefining Value – The Manufacturing Revolution. Remanufacturing, Refurbishment, Repair and Direct Reuse in the Circular Economy.

Source: Remanufacturing Industries Council

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Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC) is a strategic alliance of remanufacturing companies, academic and research institutions that advocate, collaborate, and educate on behalf of the entire remanufacturing industry.

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