Remanufacturing Industries Council Announces the 2019 Remanufacturing ACE Awards Finalists

Winners Announced at the RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference

Remanufacturing ACE Awards

The Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC) will host the third annual Remanufacturing ACE Awards reception and dinner on Oct. 9 in Rochester, New York during the RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference. These distinguished awards recognize three individuals for their outstanding contributions to the remanufacturing industry. Included with the noteworthy trophy is a scholarship in honor of each winner to share with a student in their community.

Three finalists are chosen for each category by a panel of remanufacturing leaders and representatives from the RIC Remanufacturing Association Alliance. Finalist for each category include:


  • Don Bigler, BBB Industries
  • Robert Isherwood, AMBAC International
  • Tricia Judge, International Imaging Technologies Council


  • Paul Adamson, ARC
  • Jena Holtberg-Benge, John Deere Reman
  • Bill Schofield, Advanced Electrical & Motor Controls


  • Mark Buckley, One Boat Collaborative
  • Bill Davies, Davies Office
  • Bruce Krueger, CNH Reman

Nominations for these prestigious awards were accepted for Individuals or companies nominated in three categories, based on RIC’s mission to Advocate, Collaborate, and Educate on behalf of the remanufacturing industry. The Advocate category looks at how the nominee promotes remanufacturing or sustainability in business, government, education or another field. The Collaborate category looks at how the nominee works with other companies, regulatory bodies, and lawmakers to build consensus and teamwork in order to promote remanufacturing and other sustainable practices. The Educate category looks at how the nominee demonstrates a passion toward educating others on the benefits of remanufacturing and sustainability. 

For further information about the remanufacturing ACE Awards, contact Jenn Brake, Marketing & Membership Director, at

About the Remanufacturing Industries Council:

Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC) is the unified voice for a global remanufacturing audience. We leverage our members and their networks to provide expertise on overcoming local and international challenges that impact the remanufacturing industry – from tools to technology to market acceptance and best practices. RIC provides a platform for advocating, collaborating and educating stakeholders to create increased awareness and build upon the successful acceptance of remanufactured products worldwide. As the voice of the remanufacturing industry, RIC actively promotes the financial, environmental and workforce benefits of this important business sector. The Remanufacturing Industries Council is a vital support and promotion organization for the global recognition of the value of remanufactured goods and the creator of the ANSI standard RIC001.1-2016: Specifications for the Process of Remanufacturing and Remanufacturing Accreditation Program (RAP).

Source: Remanufacturing Industries Council

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About Remanufacturing Industries Council

Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC) is a strategic alliance of remanufacturing companies, academic and research institutions that advocate, collaborate, and educate on behalf of the entire remanufacturing industry.

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