Saturated Fat Won't Give You a Heart Attack or Stroke! - Low Carb USA - San Diego 2016

Saturated fat won't clog your arteries. It won't give you a heart attack or stroke. Denver's Diet Doctor, Dr. Jeffry Gerber, and the man known as The Fat Emperor, Ivor Cummins, will dispel these and other dangerous myths about heart disease at Low Carb USA - San Diego 2016 in July.

Dr. Jeffry Gerber

​​​​​Low Carb USA, an organization focused on dietary education and support, is hosting Dr. Jeffry Gerber and Ivor Cummins as part of the largest scientific conference of its kind to date to be held in downtown San Diego from July 29 - July 31 2016.  

Dr. Gerber is a family physician and tech geek who found himself growing increasingly frustrated with the limitations of mainstream medicine, and the myths, misinformation and fatal mistakes that have developed in its wake.  He started researching alternatives to create a viable model of health-care in place of the conventional sick-care model. 

Diabetes and heart disease are not naturally progressive diseases that require drugs for life to reduce future risk

Dr. Jeffry Gerber

Dr. Gerber first met Ivor Cummins in cyberspace – on YouTube.  He quickly realized they had much in common.

They were destined to work together.

Ivor is an engineer who had a health scare in 2013 after poor blood test results pointed to possible heart problems.  He consulted different doctors, but found they had little real understanding of the readings or what to do about them. With his biochemical background, Ivor did what he does best: researched the scientific evidence and followed the data.

 After an intense few weeks, he resolved the root causes of his health problem and more without resorting to drugs or surgery.

At Low Carb USA 2016, Dr. Gerber and Ivor will bring you riveting stories of conflict and dissension in the ranks of medical and nutrition scientists.  They will carefully dissect conventional “wisdom”, reveal terminal weaknesses and demonstrate that:

•       High cholesterol is not the most significant cause of coronary disease;

•       Dietary fat's effect on cholesterol does not negatively influence heart disease risk;

•       Diabetes and heart disease are not naturally progressive diseases that require drugs for life to reduce future risk.

Together, Dr. Gerber and Ivor will convey a very different message of hope to beat not just heart disease but also obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and other diseases that are epidemic in the US and globally.

Other international experts on Low Carb USA 2016's stellar Speaker Lineup include Gary Taubes, Dr. Michael Eades, Dr. Jeff Volek, Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, Dr Eric Westman, Dr. Dave Dikeman, Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore.

For healthcare professionals, this live CME activity has been reviewed and is acceptable for up to 16.5 Prescribed credits by the  American Academy of Family Physicians.

The conference will be held in the main ballroom of the Westin Gaslamp Hotel in Downtown San Diego. For more information visit:

Source: Low Carb USA

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