Sarasota Web Design Company Simplifies Reservations and Rebrands Crab & Fin Restaurants Online Presence

Crab & Fin Restaurant of Sarasota, FL selects Xplode Marketing to rebrand and develop a custom website that is mobile friendly that sells their wide range of fresh seafood sourced from around the world. Xplode Marketing took their experience in developing customized solutions to simplify the reservation system while utilizing SMS technology.

Crab & Fin Restaurant

With executive chef Benjamin Rottkamp, sous chefs and fresh local and global seafood from over the world, the Crab & Fin Restaurant in Sarasota, FL, serves up delectable dishes. The restaurant is nestled in the picturesque St. Armand’s Circle and set in a tropical paradise.  Indulge in fresh seafood delights from around the world like Alaskan Giant Red King Crab, Hawaiian Opah, Moonfish, Sockeye Salmon, Washington Dungeness Crab and California Gold Caviar.

Recently, the Crab & Fin Restaurant explored the options to have its website redesigned with the goal of being mobile friendly, easy to navigate and an emphasis on integrating an easy to use standalone reservations system. The experts at Xplode Marketing were chosen for the task. "We like to sit down with our customers to get an understanding of their goals. We like to know where they're at now and where they want to go. For Crab & Fin, our goal was to give their site a high end look that truly represented the high quality  and selection of seafood at the restaurant." Xplode Marketing provided a one-on-one consultation to learn about the customer’s vision and unique needs which also included a long list of must haves including the site to be responsive, easy to navigate and have the ability to take reservations. They also provided suggestions and strategies for online success.

Xplode Marketing used colorful and large product photos for visual appeal to attract and capture online visitors. The company used mouth-watering images that so were real one could just about taste it.

Xplode Marketing also integrated a simple reservation system that stores customer information in a database. And with its SMS technology, reservations are directly sent to the manager’s cell phone. The restaurant’s manager can now prep for customer seating. At the same time, customers can easily book reservations online at the Crab & Fin Restaurant, and the restaurant can email patrons about specials.  Making dining reservations has never been easier!

Of course, today it’s all about being social for the restaurant industry. With the help and expertise of Xplode Marketing, the Crab & Fin Restaurant can now tap into the large pool of social media website users. Social media channels like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook were integrated into the restaurant’s website design. Connecting to social media platforms is now user-friendly for the restaurant. All around, Xplode Marketing went above and beyond in redesigning and revamping the restaurant’s site to ensure online success. The end product was a site geared for a great online experience for users and a site that propelled the restaurant with a more professional image.

Preparing excellent seafood dishes takes experienced chefs. Preparing a great website design takes experienced website designers and technicians like the ones at Xplode Marketing.  Together, the Crab & Fin Restaurant and Xplode Marketing blended their own expertise, and this was reflected in their new website. It all centers on a fine dining experience and a fine online experience. The Crab & Fin Restaurant serves up the delicious dish, and Xplode Marketing brings the people to the dish. It’s the perfect formula for success.

So, why did the Crab & Fin restaurant choose Xplode Marketing? Years of experience in the restaurant industry, the ability to simplify and develop a customized reservations process, professionalism and proven results were just a few reasons. It really was a no-brainer decision for the restaurant.

If you’re seeking an exemplary seafood dining experience, turn to the Crab & Fin Restaurant in sunny Sarasota. If you’re seeking an exemplary website design, turn to the experienced designers at Xplode Marketing.

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