Doctor Sugar Voted Top Orthopaedic Surgeon in Sarasota in the Sarasota Herald Tribune's "Readers' Choice Awards"

The Sarasota Herald Tribune recently conducted a reader's poll, selecting the best of the best in the city. Dr. Sugar and Sugar Orthopaedics was recognized as the top orthopaedics firm in the city. Dr. Sugar and the rest of the staff would like to thank everyone who voted and they are honored for this recognition.

Dr. Sugar

The Sarasota Herald Tribune recently conducted a reader poll, designed to determine the best of the best in the city. With topics ranging from best local restaurant to favorite news anchor, the Sarasota Herald Tribune gave local readers the chance for their opinion to be heard throughout the community. Dr. Sugar and Sugar Orthopaedics was voted by participants in the poll as the Top Orthopaedic Surgeon in town. 

Dr. David A. Sugar, MD and the rest of the staff at Sugar Orthopaedics believes all patients should be treated like family. This has led to the close connection between the community, patients and the offices of Sugar Orthopaedics. A Florida native, Dr. Sugar understands what people living in the region go through on a daily basis. He also shares his passion for his home state with those who come in, complaining of some sort of joint pain in their body. 

Nine times out of 10, it is possible to treat a patient and their pain without needing to go under the knife. By avoiding surgery, a patient can recover faster and return to their daily life, pain free, in less time.

Dr. David Sugar, Doctor

Sugar Orthopaedics believes it is best for the patient and their own body to explore non-surgical procedures first. "Nine times out of 10, it is possible to treat a patient and their pain without needing to go under the knife. By avoiding surgery, a patient can recover faster and return to their daily life, pain-free, in less time." Says Dr. David Sugar. Should surgery become a reality, Dr. Sugar and his staff have expert training in the latest technology and procedural treatments in order to reduce recovery time, scaring and pain. It is a family friendly expert focus that has made Dr. Sugar not only a well-respected doctor in the medical community, but the favorite orthopaedics provider in the region. 

Dr. Sugar and his medical staff see a wide range of cartilage issues. Cartilage is a tissue found on the ends of all bones. This cartilage reduces friction in the body, so bones can move without pain and discomfort. Cartilage also provides some shock absorbing qualities with regards to two bones that come in constant contact with one another (such as the knee). Over time, cartilage does break down, leading to what is commonly known as arthritis. Weight bearing joints experience this breakdown faster than other joints, but it is possible to experience arthritic pain in any joint of the body. Without treatment, pain and discomfort within the joints will only increase, making it difficult to move comfortably while reducing a patient's quality of life. 

The staff at Sugar Orthopaedics focuses on the treatment of this cartilage breakdown. Every patient is different, so different injections or treatment procedures may be required. This can include everything from PRP and stem cell injections to surgically reconnecting different ligaments and tissues around the bone, based on the seriousness of an injury or how extreme arthritic pain has become in the patient. 

Dr. Sugar specializes in the treatment of joints. From joints along the spine to knee joints, it is his goal to help patients live without pain, whether they are an athlete or retired. Some of the services provided by the office include knee replacements, carpal tunnel syndrome treatment, sports medicine, rotator cuff help, shoulder surgery, meniscus treatments, arthroscopy, cartilage care and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) treatments. 

It is this family friendly atmosphere and the personal connection Dr. Sugar and his staff make with community members and patients that has lead him and the office to be recognized as the top orthopaedics doctor in the entire reading area of The Sarasota Herald Tribune. Dr. Sugar is greatly honored by this recognition. He sees it not only as a testament to treating every patient like they are family, but as a sense of motivation. To continue on with the office's work in providing the very best treatment to everyone who walks in the front door of the Waldemere Street office. From minor joint discomforts to complete knee replacements and ACL surgery, Sugar Orthopaedics wants to maintain and exceed its current level of excellence in order to improve the lives of their clients. 

For individuals interested in learning more about Sugar Orthopaedics, Dr. Sugar and his staff, they are recommended to look towards the office's website of Here visitors can fill out a contact form regarding any medical concerns they might have. Potential patients interested in an appointment can contact the office from Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 4:00 pm (the office is closed for lunch from 11:30 am until 1:00 pm) at 941-556-6900. Should the staff be with another client and be unable to answer the phone, patients are recommended to leave a voicemail. The staff will return the call as quickly as possible. The staff is looking forward to talking with interested patients. 

The Sarasota Herald Tribune is a daily newspaper that has been in print since 1925 (known then as the Sarasota Herald). The newspaper is a Pulitzer Prize winning publication that conducts an annual Reader's Choice Award in order to determine the best of the best in the town. The Sarasota Herald Tribune has no affiliation with Dr. Sugar, Sugar Orthopaedics and worked solely as the recipient and auditor of regional votes for the reader's choice awards. To see the complete list of winners in the annual Reader Choice Award (2017), visit the Herald Tribune here

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