Saranghae Blue Moon Beauty Fridge: K-Beauty Brand Saranghae Launches North America's First Branded Beauty Fridge

With the launch of their 'very cool' beauty fridge, Saranghae is giving it away FREE for a limited time

Saranghae Blue Moon Beauty Fridge

Beauty aficionados are well aware of some of the zany products to hit the beauty market over the last decade but today K-beauty brand Saranghae seems to have topped them all (for the time being) with the launch of their Saranghae Blue Moon Beauty Fridge.  

Yes, a fridge for beauty products.

Although there are a handful of manufacturers in Asia marketing mini-fridges for beauty, it is the first time a beauty brand has launched their own branded fridge in North America.  

To top it off, Saranghae has announced that they are giving away their Blue Moon Beauty Fridge FREE with purchase for a limited time.

Leslie Iddison, director of customer experience for Saranghae, explains why she believes North American beauty aficionados will absolutely love the Saranghae Blue Moon Beauty Fridge.

“Outside of the coolness factor, there are very real benefits to experiencing skincare products at a specific temperature range. And no, it’s not about keeping products fresh, although it does help. It’s really about creating a new experience.

“Cold therapy is also known as cryotherapy and it works by controlling blood flow to reduce inflammation and swelling. That’s why the first thing you do when you’re injured is to apply cold - and the same concept applies to skincare. By applying your Saranghae skincare routine within the optimal temperature range of 41°F to 46°F, the reduction in inflammation and puffiness are greatly enhanced. Besides that, it just feels amazing.

“At our core, Saranghae is a beauty experience company. Not only do we innovate with new ingredients but we’re constantly looking to find new ways to deliver unique experiences. Our Saranghae Blue Moon Beauty Fridge is the result of our commitment to innovation.

"Initial feedback has been insane. The demand was so high, we had to close out our pre-order list in four hours."

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About Saranghae

Saranghae (which means "I love you" in Korean) is currently the fastest-growing Korean skincare company in North America. Their mission is to help millions of people around the world feel beautiful with exceptional products and experiences.

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Saranghae (which means I love you in Korean) is currently the fastest growing Korean skincare company in North America. Our mission is to help millions of people around the world feel beautiful with exceptional products & experiences.

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