Santiam Canyon Long-Term Recovery Group Launches New Resource for Santiam Canyon Fire Recovery Efforts

New website launched to guide survivors through the wildfire recovery process, direct potential donors and volunteers to opportunities and aid in preparing for future disasters

Santiam Canyon LTRG

The Santiam Canyon Long Term Recovery Group (SCLTRG) is excited to announce the launch of the long-awaited, single-source website to aid in the recovering, rebuilding, and rising efforts of those affected by the Santiam Canyon wildfires. The new site,, offers survivors information on everything from fire clean-up to rebuilding their homes and community. It also aids volunteers in learning how they can help in the recovery efforts. 

Several community partners, like United Way, The Ford Family Foundation, Marion County and Santiam Hospital helped make the launch of this site happen. Their generous contributions along with The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Oregon Governor's Office, and the Marion County Board of Commissioner's Office have assisted in the procurement of millions of dollars of federal assistance to make a sizable impact on helping the survivors from the 2020 Santiam Canyon wildfires recover and rebuild.

Steering the recovery ship is Kevin Dial, Recovery Manager. Dial joins the effort bringing his extensive work experience and skills gained throughout his career in the Army and Marine Corps. He has a proven success record for attaining the goals that he sets, and he has set a high mark for the SCLTRG. 

"Residents of the Santiam Canyon are amazing and the road you have traveled towards recovery over the past year is inspiring." States Kevin Dial, LTRG Recovery Manager. "But recovery is a marathon, not a sprint, and there is much work still to be done. Every day as we drive up the canyon, we see the recovery, rebuilding, and rise of homes, businesses, and communities. Seeds are being planted for the future. I know on this journey, each family has a different challenge but you need to know you are not alone. We are stronger together and when you ask, the Long Term Recovery Group and our many volunteers are ready to assist." 

The SCLTRG organizes community volunteers, provides technical assistance to help survivors access community resources, and assists survivors as they determine the most effective and efficient recovery strategies. All these important functions have been broken down into smaller committees to focus on case management, unmet needs, volunteer management, construction, housing, communications and relations, spiritual and emotional needs, donation management, and forestry and agriculture. The Board of Directors includes the following: Deana Freres, Ed Diehl, Troy Gulstrom, Nick Harville, and Mary Lou Hazelwood. 

They actively work with the Disaster Case Management Services ... Click to read the full release:

Source: Santiam Recovery Long Term Recovery Group