FBO Director® Aviation Software Integrates QuickBooks® Online

FBOs now experience seamless front-to-backend transactions

FBO Director

FBO Director® has recently added QuickBooks® Online to its list of accounting systems integrated with aviation point-of-sale software systems. Customers can now transfer data, including item lists, customers, and sales transactions, directly into the popular online accounting system by Intuit®. This convenient, easy-to-use system offers general aviation FBOs a long-awaited, modern point-of-sale transaction processing software to run their businesses.

"At FBO Director, we are always listening to our customers and adding new features to benefit their operations," said John Nelson, FBO Director's founder and President. "With more of our customers wanting to work remotely, the need to ensure we could support QuickBooks Online was consistent with our web-based aviation software."

FBO Director® is a true web-enabled application and operates on any device, including phones, tablets, and both Apple and Windows computers. FBO Director® provides easy invoicing, customer tracking, and fast, reliable processing — all through an easy-to-use interface that users can learn in minutes. In addition, with efficient accounting capabilities and credit card and contract fuel processing, FBOs can check their fuel inventory or enter tickets from anywhere.    

Furthermore, FBO Director® can support other accounting programs like QuickBooks desktop, Sage, and Great Plains Dynamics, and it provides support for local governments using Tyler Technologies and ADG.     

Nelson and his partner Levi Coblentz have brought 25 years of FBO software development to FBO Director®. Since its debut in 2017, FBO Director® has led the aviation industry in innovations such as fuel automation with Veeder-Root and TCS, QT Pod and Fuel Master connectivity, and on-ramp meter capture through the company's Fuel Meter Cloud application. In addition, FBO Director® is the only modern software providing modules for flight schools and maintenance, in addition to the detailed sales capture of fuel sales.

About FBO Director

Since 1998, John Nelson has evangelized paperless FBOs — starting with connections to Contrec USA, then Veeder Root. This resulted in his patent application, Real-Time FBO Management and System, in 2005. Even in the early 2000s, he had built wireless handheld fuel systems on the ramp. This included fuel orders, service orders, capturing fuel meter ticket readings from mechanical and electronic registers, and even swiping fuel-branded credit cards and printing a receipt on the ramp.

These visions continued and started with the first FBO that went live with FBO Director — paperless on the ramp on day one in January 2017. Today, FBO Director uses its own handheld system, Fuel Meter Cloud, and connects to Veeder Root, Liquid Controls and TCS to provide paperless ticket solutions.

To learn more about FBO Director, visit the company's website at www.fbodirector.com.

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