Santa Barbara Chocolate Releases Their Delicious Summer Recipes

Santa Barbara Chocolate supplies bulk wholesale chocolate chips, makes organic chocolate couverture, and imports Belgian baking chocolate.

Santa Barbara Chocolate is a beloved California supplier of organic chocolate. The company continues California's long history of supplying chocolate across the country. The state was the first to manufacture and sell chocolate in the United States, and Santa Barbara Chocolate has not only continued that tradition but has improved the quality of chocolate over the years. Since its inception, Santa Barbara Chocolate has been a trusted source for the chocolate lover, chef, and baker.

"Our chocolate is something that just isn't replicated," says Jason Vishnefske, co-founder and master chocolatier of Santa Barbara Chocolate Company. "Most people realize it the moment they have their first taste. Nothing compares to what we make. It ignites your senses and exceeds your expectations."

Each season, Santa Barbara Chocolate releases a range of recipes that are nutritious, delicious and a big hit with everyone who tries them. Their new summer chocolate recipes include a Chocolate Energy Smoothie, Milk Chocolate Raspberry Ganache, Tea Time Truffle, and more. These fun, delectable treats are perfect for summer. They are also healthier than some other chocolate recipes. For instance, the Chocolate Energy Smoothie provides a delicious boost of energy without the sugar crash, which often happens with the heavy, fake ingredients that are normally used in regular chocolate smoothies or frappes.

"My goal has always been to make recipes that are super easy but also healthy," says Vishnefske. "I hear often that it's hard to make recipes without the usual artificial ingredients. Well, with my chocolate and recipes, I offer a smoothie recipe that's dairy-free, no added sugar, and nutritious without losing the taste and flavor."

Santa Barbara Chocolate’s bulk organic dark chocolate is 70 percent cacao without soy lecithin. It is a real taste of South American cacao and offers the subtle floral nuances of raw cacao grown in the Amazon’s headlands. The company’s organic dark chocolate is USDA certified, ethical trade, and Kosher Pareve.

Customers buying from Santa Barbara Chocolate include chocolatiers, ice cream shops and bakers looking for organic chocolate that doesn't cost more to buy than typical chocolate. Their organic chocolate with California style allows their specialty food customers the winning edge in crafting their gourmet and memorable desserts and pastries.

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About Santa Barbara Chocolate Company

Santa Barbara Chocolate Company is a California chocolate factory that supplies bulk wholesale chocolate chips, makes organic chocolate couverture and imports Belgian baking chocolate. For more information, visit

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