Santa Barbara Chocolate Offers Delightful New Cocoa Butter Vegan Chips for Dairy Free Recipes

The company's Cocoa Butter Vegan Chips are made from 100 percent fresh pressed cocoa butter for richness to satisfy any edible treat.

Santa Barbara Chocolate Cocoa Butter Vegan Chips

Santa Barbara Chocolate, founded in 1992 and a trusted source for the chocolate lover, chef, and baker, is now offering Cocoa Butter Vegan Chips. The chips, made from 100 percent fresh pressed cocoa butter, are 100 percent cacao fruit product and have no added fillers like shea butter, milk, casein or sugar. Santa Barbara Chocolate cocoa butter comes from ripe cocoa beans pressed during cocoa powder production. Tempered and deposited as small chips, the company’s cocoa butter is great for eating straight, measuring into baking recipes, and healthy cooking. It can also be used as a natural cocoa butter lotion.

Vegans avoid animal products including eating meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. Strict vegans will also avoid honey and wool. Recent surveys like the one cited on note that in a survey of roughly 11,000 adults, aged 17 and older, that 0.5 percent (1.62 million people) of the United States adult population, is vegan. Where once vegan products might be hard to come by, they are rising in availability and popularity. In addition, vegan desserts have shown to be on par with regular desserts. Chef Chole Choscarelli, a vegan and author, is a testament to that when she won Cupcake Wars with her vegan recipes.

“Santa Barbara Chocolate is pleased to offer our GMO-free Cocoa Butter Vegan Chips to this expanding market,” says Jason Vishnefske, co-founder and master chocolatier of Santa Barbara Chocolate Company. “As a bulk chocolate supplier to chocolatiers and manufacturers, we are trusted to sell the best cocoa and chocolates. Our customers find that our edible cocoa butter is top quality pressed from only de-shelled cocoa beans.” 

The company has already received some great reviews. In August 2017, Lynne R let Santa Barbara Chocolate know that their Cocoa Butter Vegan Chips were, “Our first choice in our vegan protein bar production. It is high in antioxidant ORAC value and very good flavored.”

Santa Barbara Chocolate also offers flat rate shipping and free shipping on orders more than $50. For more information about the company’s Cocoa Butter Vegan Chips and other organic chocolate, visit

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Santa Barbara Chocolate Company is a California chocolate factory that supplies bulk wholesale chocolate chips, makes organic chocolate couverture and imports Belgian baking chocolate. For more information, visit

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