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With the Machine Vision industry reaching unprecedented heights, Saber1 Technologies is spearheading technological innovations as a provider of digital imaging products, industrial cameras and related accessories, such as Camera Link Cables and Frame Grabbers.

Saber1 has a diverse range of products with commercial and industrial applications that include the pharmaceutical industry, medical, robotics, factory automation, microscopy, UAV, Machine Vision and more.

With more industries adopting AI and Machine Learning, Saber1 empowers end-users with digital imaging products, primarily for industrial use.

Spanning across various industries, their products are used in MRI machines, X-rays, Traffic Light Cameras, Supermarkets Label Reading and government institutions to name a few.

Customers at Saber1 Technologies include everyone from OEMs, system integrators, researchers and developers to pharmaceutical companies. With extended tech support, the company ensures quality products with excellent customer support.

Here are some of their products that are a true example of exemplary innovation:

This specific model is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions; the IP67 camera line series is built on a robust design that can be further strengthened from shock and vibration through the M12 Ethernet connector. Tubes of different diameters with varying lens sizes can be used to tailor it towards specific requirements.

Characterized by state-of-the-art shutter sensor technology, the Adimec Series is nothing short of a marvel. Optimized for system integration, it is a reliable choice to make for engineers. Its key features include:

  • High sensitivity
  • An optical lens size of 37.4 mm
  • A dynamic range of 66dB
  • A resolution of 9344 by 7000

It’s clear that the company continues to attain technological superiority through new products, strategic partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions.

For instance, The Schott, a leading international technology group with over 130 years of experience in developing high-quality, intelligent solutions, recently came under Saber1’s umbrella.

Coupled with the introduction of Advantech — an unrivalled player in the field of developing IoT intelligent systems and embedded platforms — the company is all set to break records.

Saber1 Technologies is a leading player in the Machine Vision industry with a wide range of products in digital imaging and supporting accessories, systems and solutions. Serving a range of industries, from pharmaceutical to AI and robotics, they are here to stay.

For more information, visit their website, or call: (978) 244-0490.

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