FLIR Cameras Now Available Through Saber1 Technologies

World-class cameras from FLIR Systems, Inc. offer bold solutions with thermal and advanced imaging capabilities.

Machine Vision

Saber1 Technologies, a leading distributor of today’s most advanced industrial camera systems, is proud to announce the addition of FLIR Systems, Inc. machine vision products to their online marketplace.

FLIR is an industry leader in diversified machine vision cameras for industrial and commercial markets, as well as the government and defense industries. This includes some of the best thermal, night vision, and infrared cameras on the market. The Saber1 Technologies collection features FLIR’s most trusted thermal solutions, with advanced camera formats that help maintain public safety and the health and well-being of communities around the globe.

Thermal imaging cameras turn heat into visible light, allowing users to see better in a variety of environments. All objects give off a heat signature, but the human eye is only able to see a small spectrum of it. According to Saber1’s team, thermal cameras like those perfected by FLIR reflect the unique and distinguished heat sources throughout a physical space, offering key advantages for safety and defense—particularly in high-risk situations.

FLIR’s advanced imaging systems include a range of thermal imaging cameras and variants. Unique features of these top-quality industrial cameras are built-in sensors that allow for monitoring in explosive and otherwise unsafe atmospheres, as well as smart sensors for complex monitoring applications. And, with the selection available through Saber1 Technologies, organizations will now be able to easily search for and purchase the thermal imaging camera that meets their unique environment and needs.

Enhance perception and awareness with thermal imaging cameras from FLIR Systems, Inc., now available through Saber1 Technologies. FLIR machine vision cameras are optimized for industrial use, with exceptional thermal capabilities designed for even the most intense of situations.

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Saber1 Technologies is a leading provider of digital imaging software products, accessories, systems, and solutions, including innovative industrial imaging and machine vision products. Since 2000, Saber1 Technologies has been partnering with its customers to increase their machine vision capabilities and bring more advanced technologies to their existing systems. Products available through Saber1 Technologies are designed to service various industries and needs, with a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

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