Launches a New Service: Ethical Editing of Dissertations

The well-known editing and consulting team of, has developed the new service to aid students in the ethical editing of their English-language dissertations at the doctoral level.

Dissertations are used as the most effective way of testing the ability of graduate students to use words for communicating arguments and ideas. Most of them sometimes ask professional editors to provide the widest range of editorial services, even if some of them go far beyond their dissertation mentors’ expectations.

Academic editors do respect the main purpose of thesis and dissertation writing and know the priorities of dissertation supervisors. Therefore, they perform consultations and useful service.

We can become a valuable educational tool and resource for students since we perform a new service that is based on editing the papers in an ethical way. This way lets a student submit his/her own piece of writing, with all respected copyrights, but more polished.

Steve D. Huddleston, Senior academic editor

The editing process includes the following aspects:

· Determining guidelines to help three parties: editor, students, and thesis supervision commission. This part is about identifying what kind of editing is permitted or not permitted.

·  Practical suggestions for the ways of editing provided by students and supervisors for editors to ensure that the instructions will be met at fullest.

·  An agreement between all the parties that clarifies what an editor should do. It is made in the form of a particular checklist of various proofreading and editorial tasks based on definitions provided in latest Editing Standards and those that are present in the Standard Freelance Editorial Agreement. Those are adapted for more professional and effective work.

As it is said on the company’s website, the brand new level of editing requires a thesis editor to obtain instructions, checklist, and permission for professional proofreading and editing from the dissertation supervision comity. This one should specify in detail what exactly the editor is allowed to change and what recommendations are given to him or her in order to meet the instructions. The student and the supervisor set the limits of the work required and explain them to the editor.

Note that this kind of editing service does not affect the structure or content or any copyrights infringements of the student’s work. Instead, an editor takes several steps in text polishing. The first one is based on the overall text editing in terms of simple grammar correction, punctuation, idiom, spelling, and mechanical errors. The second one is applying structural editing, stylistic editing, proofreading, and copy-editing.

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