Promotes a New Writing Contest 2018

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For those who are fond of writing short stories and novels, the Affordable-Papers company has recently announced the first Fiction Contest. The company suggests submitting and registering papers now, because the number of participants may be limited in case of large contestants number. Works accepted starting from July 15 to September 30, 2018.

The contest covers different categories: Thriller, Romance, Horror, Crime, and Science Fiction genres. Young writers are required to choose a genre and compose the text in 5,000 words or less.

Such competitions are held not for the first time, however, the distinguishing feature of this current contest is that it is focused mainly on different creative genres, artistic and even entertaining. Previously, we made few more stringent writing contests which were basically about academic writing. Hope our contenders will enjoy participating

William Kollman, Affordable-Paper.Net CEO


· Thriller

Thriller is a genre of fiction that is based on techniques of tension and suspense that affect the reader dramatically. In a thriller story, competitors should provide anxiety, surprise, terror, etc., to evoke excitement and rush emotions.

· Romance

Romance should draw ideas, themes, and premises from the other genres. It can vary in dialogues, setting, and characters. In general, romance fiction traditionally should include a love story of two persons trying to make their relationship satisfying.

· Horror

Horror genre intends to frighten or startle the audience. Horror story induces the sense of creepiness and horror.

· Crime

Crime is a genre that is based on the dramatization of detective work, crimes, and procedures including criminal elements and motivations behind them. Detective and mystery fiction are similar genres.

· Science Fiction

Science Fiction, as well as Fantasy, are genres that contain elements of imaginative content. As for science fiction, it mostly relates to science and may content technology and futuristic settings, as well as time travel, parallel universes, and more. Fantasy often includes similar elements as world creating and magical creatures. However, as a rule, it does not include any scientific themes.

How to take part

The contest may be entered via email or online submission. The contestant should fill in the entry form and upload his/her manuscript. Indicate the category of the text in the right upper corner of a title page. The texts should be double-spaced, the title page should include the applicant's name, contacts (phone and email), and competition category. More on the site:

Text must be written in English, original, unproduced and unpublished. Any text published online anywhere except personal blogs is considered as published and will be rejected.

Exceeding the word limit is also unacceptable. Texts that are more than 5,000 words will be discarded. Graphic content illustrations are acceptable.

Don't miss a chance to take part in this contest organized by Affordable-Papers - the academic consulting company that specializes in providing assistance and academic consultations to college and university students.

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