Offers a New Approach to Text Editing

Professional editorial services are widely used by writers, reporters, bloggers, businesses, and authors all over the world to make their writings shine

Ninja Editing, a well-known editing, and proofreading company, has recently developed a new approach to ethical text editing. The essence of this strategy is based on a direct two-proofreader model. In other words, each document submitted to the service is checked by two of the staff members involving the client in a whole process. The editing team consists of Ph.D. degree holders and educators, which guarantees the decent quality of the proofreading services available.

An ethical way of paper editing includes the following aspects:

This brand new approach allows to control the quality of editorial work done and minimize the number of mistakes and drawbacks that may occur in the process. Furthermore, our service concentrates on preserving of all intellectual rights and uniqueness of the paper. In this way, it will let our clients get their documents not rewritten, but more polished.

Melissa Sanders, Senior Editor

·         The editors maintain a personal contact with the client to identify what kind of revising and changing of the content is permitted and not permitted. The client is free to order an editing service of different levels.

·         The client and editor make a number of practical suggestions to make sure that the instructions will be met fully.

·         The client has to give a final clarification of what the editor should and allowed to do. It is made in the form of a list of different editorial and proofreading tasks. They are adopted for the most effective and transparent cooperation between the client and the editor.

The company is assured that a new level of text editing requires specific client details and recommendations to keep up with their personal view and voice. In addition, a client should be a part of the editing process to ensure the highest quality of the work. It can be considered to be editing assistance rather than just an editing service.