Robo-Writing Software is Here to Stay, Says Yseop

Yseop, an Artificial Intelligence company, unveiled its vision for the future of Automation and Big Data analytics with Next-Generation NLG at LT-Accelerate.

Yseop, a leading global Artificial Intelligence company, unveiled its vision for the future of Automation and Natural Language Generation (NLG) at LT-Accelerate. “This is a game changer for next-generation Natural Language Generation technologies,” said Matthieu Rauscher, Presales Engineering Director speaking on a panel entitled “The New Science of Information Delivery”. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Yseop Smart NLG not only turns Big Data into easy-to-understand written insights in multiple languages, but it also explain how and why to take specific actions. “Yseop expresses its reasoning, just like a human being, but at the speed of thousands of pages per second and in multiple languages No other company can do this, and the ability to build your own application is what makes our system truly unique and why we call it next-generation NLG,” said Rauscher.

LT-Accelerate is the premier European conference to explore the business value of Big Data text, speech, and social analysis. The panel on Wednesday will explore different ways in which companies can better understand their data. 

Today, many businesses are faced with the challenge of time-consuming and costly report-writing and analysis. “Yseop offers a smart and cost-effective alternative to replace the agonizing process of drafting an analytics report with a real-time and multilingual solution that writes in the style and tone of your choice,” said Rauscher.

Yseop’s Smart NLG solution turns data into narratives, explaining not only what it means but also what actions to take and why. This solution is used to generate Business Intelligence analysis, executive summaries, fund analysis, new stories, e-mails and many other personalized documents.

“The future of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Generation is available now, for the first time, with Yseop. Our Smart solutions are already being used by dozens of companies across the globe,” said Rauscher.