Artificial Intelligence is Banking's Future, Says Yseop

Yseop, an Artificial Intelligence company, unveiled its vision for the future of banking at Bank Board Growth & Innovation Conference.

Yseop Artificial Intelligence unveiled its vision for the future of banking, which harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Generation to turn Big Data into big revenue and customer satisfaction. “The future of retail banking is already being used by dozens of Fortune 500 companies,” said Lindsey Prowse, Marketing & Communications Manager for Yseop. Bank Board Growth & Innovation Conference 2015 in New Orleans brings CEOs, chairmen, board members and officers together to focus for two-days on building sustainable franchise value for your bank.

The retail banking sector is challenged with keeping customers happy— on the phone, in the branch and online. At the same time, banks are overwhelmed with data. “Too often, Big Data becomes too much data. The banker has hundreds of lines of customer data, hundreds of regulations and hundreds of products to sell. The result is that banks aren’t able to sell customers the best products. Instead, bankers simply sell the product that they know the best,” said Prowse.   

Yseop Smart Machine guides salespeople, customer service representatives and advisors using a company’s comprehensive expertise. It boosts performance and sales while improving the customer experience. Yseop Smart Machine can also be deployed online and dialogue directly with customers, educating and empowering them to make the right purchase.

With Yseop, clients have reported sales soaring by 20% overnight and online conversion rates jumping by a factor of 16.

“At Yseop, we make selling complex products and services easy. More importantly, we use Artificial Intelligence to enhance capacity for sales and customer service, as well as provide customers expert attention— in the branch, on the phone and online,” said Prowse.