Artificial Intelligence is Banking's Future, Says Yseop

Yseop, an Artificial Intelligence company, unveiled its vision for the future of banking, which turns Big Data into revenue and customer satisfaction at BAI Retail Delivery.

Yseop, a Dallas-based Artificial Intelligence company, unveiled its vision for the future of banking, which harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to turn Big Data into revenue and customer satisfaction. “The future of retail banking is not some sci-fi vision of tomorrow, the future is today with a software that is already being used by dozens of Fortune 1000 companies”, said Arden Manning, Yseop’s Director of Communications. BAI Retail Delivery 2014 conference is the premier retail banking conference in the world. The event is attended by more than 3,000 financial services professionals.

The retail banking sector faces new challenges as customers are calling banks and visiting branches less and less frequently. At the same time, banks are overwhelmed with data. “Too often, Big Data simply becomes too much data. The banker has hundreds of lines of customer data, hundreds of regulations and hundreds of products to sell. Today, the result is that banks don’t sell the customer the best products, they sell the product that they know the best,” said Manning.   

Yseop’s unique solution writes like a human being, explains what data means and dialogs to deepen customer relationships. The software works both as a Smart Coach, helping the advisor offer expert guidance, and as a Smart online solution that dialogs directly with customers. As a Smart Coach, the system automates customer interaction by acting as a guide for your existing employees. It suggests questions to capture and collect information and then uses both customer data and your company’s comprehensive expertise to offer unprecedented customer service, all while drastically increasing sales productivity.

Working directly with consumers online, Yseop’s Smart online solution contextualizes data and offers expert recommendations and advice to educate and empower consumers. With Yseop’s solution, customers report sales soaring by 20% overnight and online conversion rates jumping by a factor of 16.

 “At Yseop, we make selling complex products – easy—but more importantly, we use Artificial Intelligence to give customers expert attention online, in the branch and on the phone,” said Manning.