Road Warrior Tires Proudly Announces New Production of 16 Ply Skid Steer Tires for Bobcat and Other Equipment

12-16.5 Skid Steer Tires

Road Warrior Tires proudly announces new production for 16 ply Skid Steer tires Ideal for Bobcats and other equipment, our production engineers developed a 16 ply, strong side wall, skid steer tire to improve excavation in rough areas.

Other tire factories produce 12 ply tires. Road Warrior has offered the consumer more value with their 14 ply tire and now offers the choice of a 16 ply skid steer tire for even more toughness.

Road Warrior skid steer tires increase your protection against cracks with the extra thick sidewalls on our heavy duty tires. They feature rim guards to shield against sidewall punctures. The combination of superior quality and high ply rating make these tires your best solution for construction, landscaping and industrial jobs.

The 16 ply tires can offer landscaping and excavation companies tires that will last longer, reducing replacement costs. Road Warrior Tires: known for high quality production standards and superb customer service. We want you to be 100% satisfied with all of our products. 

Available Sizes for Skid Steer Tires

10-16.5 12 Ply
12-16.5 14 and 16 Ply
14-17.5 16 Ply

Road Warrior Tires ​also announces production for higher ply tires for loaders and heavier equipment. Road Warrior loader tires are manufactured with strong sidewalls to suit rough terrain excavation and to last longer. 

Available Sizes


17.5-25 20 Ply
20.5-25 24 Ply
23.5-25 28 Ply
26.5-25 32 Ply
29.5-25 32 ply

About Road Warrior Tires:

Road Warrior Tired are manufactured on advanced equipment using German technology and grade A raw materials from Malaysia. Our production management team adheres to strict quality standards.

For more information please visit our website.

Source: Road Warrior Tires

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