Road Warrior Tires, a Division of TRU Development Inc., Will Be Opening Its New Warehouse in Houston, Texas on Dec. 15, 2017

11R24.5 617 16 Ply Drive Tires

Road Warrior Tires proudly announces its partnership with Currently preparing for the grand opening of a new distribution center in Houston, Texas, more details will soon follow.

Located at: 7625 RAILHEAD LANE, HOUSTON, TEXAS 77086

Due to a tremendous increase in demand for heavy truck tires in New Mexico, Tennessee, Louisiana, Colorado, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas and to mitigate the cost of shipping, management has approved plans for this new location. The Houston warehouse will efficiently serve Road Warrior customers. "As of Dec. 15, 2017, we will start shipping from our Houston, Texas location. This option will improve delivery times and allow customers to purchase tires locally," explained the company spokesperson.

Models of truck tires that will be available immediately from the new Houston location are:

11R22.5295/75R22.5, 11R24.5225/70R19.5245/75R19.5385/65R22.5315/80R22.5

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About Road Warrior Tires:

We started radial truck tire production in 1998 and reached an annual production capacity of six million units in 2013. Quality is assured by use of advanced equipment and technology from Germany, merged with first-class raw materials from Malaysia, and strict quality control and production management. We successfully sell our tires in 92 countries worldwide and enjoy a reputation for excellent product and stellar customer service.

Source: Road Warrior Tires

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