Road Warrior Loader Tires Offer Tips on How to Make Right Choice for Your Heavy Excavator

26.5-25 Radial Loader Tires

Loader Tires: Tips on How to make Right Choice for Your Heavy Excavator

Heavy-duty equipment requires heavy duty tires. This particular component is most important for efficient use of your loaders as tires have a serious impact on the overall performance of your truck. 

This article is to help you understand why Road Warrior loader truck tires are the right choice for your equipment.

Heavy duty meets heavy duty

Loaders are supposed to carry goods over long distances. The terrain can be varied: hard top, tarmac, prairie, snow, mountains, or rocky roads. It's unlikely that regular tires could withstand the stress. But Loader tires are built specifically for heavy-duty usage. Traveling over various terrain they do not build up heat and provide stability and grip for all types of surfaces.  

The weightlifter

Loader tires have a high weight-bearing capacity. When you have to carry heavy goods from one place to another, you need strong tires even when operating on regular surface roads. The danger of a blown tire or riding on the axle is greatly reduced when outfitting your vehicle with the proper tire. 

Saves Fuel

A heavy truck needs equally matched tires to work with maximum fuel efficiency. Improperly fitted tires make the engine expend more energy to overcome imbalances in load bearing, traction, and other tire properties. Proper loader tires ensure the engine does only the amount of work that it was designed to do. 

The hard-worker

Loader tires are one of the most hardworking tires out there. When it comes to wear and tear, these tires go a long way. Mud, gravel, snow, sand, and concrete –– loader tires work on all surfaces while providing superior grip, a comfortable ride and fuel economy at the same time. 

Loader tires may cost more initially but will save you time, energy and aggravation in the long run. 

Loader Tires and Sizes available from Road Warrior Tires:

17.5-25 20 Ply E3E E3-L3
20.5-25 24 Ply E3E E3-L3
23.5-25 28 Ply E3E E3-L3
26.5-25 32 Ply E3E E3-L3
29.5-25 32 Ply E3E E3-L3

About The Company: is a tire wholesaler providing tires for heavy vehicles, including loaders, trucks, bobcats and more. The company offers a huge array of products that guarantee high-end performance in tough working conditions. With a catalog that boasts a large selection of loader tires, skid steer tires, truck tires and more, TruckTiresInc., can provide the exact tire you need for your heavy vehicle at the most economical price.

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