RMR010: Date Night Featuring Cam Nacson - Neon Lights (Including Debut Track by the Rhythm Method)

This track has been garnished with 4 very diverse and tasty remixes...

​​After having the Date Night guys drop some house music gold on Respect Music Records late last year with their remix of Sharif D + Black Cherry’s “If I Was Yours”, it is with no surprise that they have come back with yet another masterpiece by the name of “Neon Lights”. 

Date Night is comprised of 3 super talented artists, DJ/Producer Mike Dean the driving force and man with his fingers on the pulse of the industry, Engineer/Producer Anders David the man with the ear and skills behind the desk and the man who needs little introduction to RM fans, Sharif D the Musician/Producer/Performer. As one can imagine with a lineup like this, Date Night is a definite industry mover and shaker and one to keep an eye/ear out for. 

Now whilst thus far their sounds have been heavily influenced by House, this time they are taking the listener on a journey into the Drum & Bass genre, featuring the amazing vocals of Cam Nacson who basically makes a call to the youth to grasp life tightly and make the most of things no matter what! To top this track off it also has the trademark sound of Sharif D on the sax, which is the cherry on top of this melodic number, creating a sexy lounge style similar to that of DJ Marky and XRS’s works. 

To give this release even further weight, it has been garnished with 4 very diverse and tasty remixes. Firstly there is the “CC Disco Groove Remix” offering a shout to the late 70’s Disco era and late 90’s house scene, provided courtesy of Wade Teo and Brad France of Crazy Corner Productions. This remix is definitely the one for all the lounge bars worldwide to nod to. 

Secondly there is a remix by the very talented and funky Mark Maxwell offering up a style that he is without a doubt making his own, giving the track a tasteful merging of genres such as Deep House, Tropical House and Nu Disco, creating the perfect vibe for pool parties worldwide from the WMC in Miami all the way over to Ibiza

Thirdly back again after dropping a glitch hop remix for Sharif D's debut with the label, Cutloose is back to take Neon Lights on a chill step/nu wave hip hop journey with a spacious remix reminiscent of productions by Pomo, Snakehips and Darius. 

Then to wrap the package up, a club banger for all the late night dance floors and festivals has been offered up by a new act signed to the Respect Music Records label by the name of The Rhythm Method. Once again the genre lines are very much blurred here, with this track being a shout to the old with a twist of the new. Lets just say that if The Prodigy and Tchami gave birth to a love child in the middle of a UK Garage Club dance floor in the late 90’s where you would find the likes of Artful Dodger and Zed Bias spinning vinyl on the regular, The Rhythm Method would be that child. 

So in all a very complete and diverse release yet again from Respect Music Records who are definitely “Bringing’ The Funk, Soul & Rhythm” on this joint!