Rightsify Provides a New Way for Businesses to License and Play Music

Rightsify is providing a new way for businesses to license and play music.

Rightsify helps businesses save money on music while providing them with custom and expertly designed playlists for their brand, all while ensuring that artists get paid every time their music is played.

From small business owners to global brands, Rightsify can help businesses save money while designing music playlists that fit their brand.

Alex Bestall, Founder

Traditionally, the way businesses license music has come from collection societies/performing rights organizations (PROs) or background music service providers. Rightsify is simplifying this by providing businesses with a one-stop license and expertly curated music service so they can save money and be sure that they don’t have to pay any additional third-parties.

By working directly with independent artists, Rightsify is able to cut out traditional industry middle-men and provide businesses with an average annual cost savings of 50 percent compared to PROs or legacy background music service providers.

With Rightsify, any business, anywhere in the world, can sign up, get licensed and start playing music in under two minutes. From cafes in Australia to hotels in Southeast Asia and restaurants in the United States, Rightsify’s music is widely distributed. Rightsify’s pricing starts at $99 per year for businesses with one location. For businesses with multiple locations, the license and service pricing is based on the specific needs of each business.

Rightsify’s music is sourced from independent artists all over the world who have licensed their music directly to Rightsfy. Instead of the traditional collective management model, Rightsify’s artists have opted to appoint Rightsify to license their music to business globally, and Rightsify pays them every month with full analytics and reporting on when and where their music is being played.

Alex Bestall, Founder of Rightsify says: “From small business owners to global brands, Rightsify can help businesses save money while designing music playlists that fit their brand.”

About Rightsify: Rightsify is a global music licensing and royalty collection agency. Rightsify offers an alternative to traditional background music service providers and collection societies. Rightsify provides retail, hospitality and service businesses with a cost-effective music solution while artists are paid accurately when their music is played.

​Jeff Thomas

Source: Rightsify

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