Rightsify Launches International Music Licensing Agent Program

Rightsify has rolled out its international reseller program globally - enabling businesses to grow their revenue by offering curated music.

Rightsify has expanded its Licensing Agent program globally after testing in a few select territories. Rightsify's licensing agent program is a reseller program that enables businesses and individuals to grow their revenue by offering curated music playlists and music licensing to businesses as well as add-on services such as custom playlists, voice overs and branded mobile music streaming applications.

From Australia and New Zealand to Southeast Asia, Europe and across North America, licensing agents are in a unique position of being able to offer a competitively priced in-store music solution and unique value-added services to their business customers.

Some of the products and services included in Rightsify's licensing agent program are:

  • Music Licensing: This gives businesses the right to legally play music in their business without having to pay any third-party licensing organizations.
  • Custom Playlists: Custom playlists that are designed exclusively for a business so they have their own unique sound.
  • Voice Overs: So businesses can communicate and market to their customers via on hold messages or in-store announcements
  • Branded Mobile Applications: iOS and Android apps where businesses can broadcast music 24/7 and can even be integrated with loyalty, ordering or reservation features.

Rightsify's licensing agent program is available for businesses and individuals that work with businesses. A few industry examples are:

  • Digital Signage companies
  • Business phone dealers
  • On Hold marketing agencies
  • Food service distributors
  • Online marketing agenies
  • Audio/Visual hardware dealers and installers
  • Insurance agents
  • Point of Sale software and hardware services
  • Telecom agents
  • Web hosting and web development services

Rightsify's licensing agent program is priced by offering agents a wholesale discount on pricing. The starting discount is 30% for music licenses and 20% for add-on services. There are no upfront costs to becoming a licensing agent and anyone can apply. From a large b2b organization to a one man agency, the Rightsify licensing agent program is a new and unique way for businesses to grow their revenue.

Interested licensing agents can hear more about the program and apply by visting Rightsify's website or contacting them today.

About Rightsify

Rightsify is a global music licensing and royalty collection agency. Rightsify offers an alternative to traditional background music services and collection societies by providing retail, hospitality and service businesses with a cost-effective music solution while artists are paid accurately when their music is played.

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