Ridge Corporation Selects ARC, Inc. to Develop Aerodynamic Services

​​​​​​​​​The Ridge Corporation chose aerodynamic leader ARC Inc. to apply their advanced CFD "computational fluid dynamic" capability to identify the next generation of drag reduction devices. ARC, an Indiana company, is a specialized research facility with expertise in wind tunnel, CFD, and scale model development worldwide to provide aerodynamic solutions for their racing, OEM and component suppliers. ARC prides itself on being a tier one supplier to multiple OEM's throughout the transportation industry. Adrian Reynard, ARC's Chairman, stated, "ARC is happy to showcase our transient adjoint technology inside the commercial vehicle sector for the first time. This unique technology may evolve the most efficient drag reduction designs to the Truck/Trailer industry to date."

Ridge's President Gary Grandominico stated that "ARC's track record of substantiated Aero R&D gives high confidence to an engineered aero solution that Ridge can utilize in new product development." Ridge has logged hundreds of hours of wind tunnel work at ARC and is excited to apply new CFD capabilities at ARC to provide real world solutions. Ridge's Vice President of Engineering Ray McDonald added, "Our goal is to produce resilient, low-complexity, cost-effective devices that improve fuel saving over currently available technologies."

ARC's track record of substantiated Aero R&D gives high confidence to an engineered aero solution that Ridge can utilize in new product development.

Gary Grandominico, President

About Ridge Corporation:
Ridge Corporation was incorporated in 2004 by Gary Grandominico, Ray McDonald and Dominic Grandominico to provide the transportation industry with engineered solutions backed by sound manufacturing processes. Ridge's advanced materials solutions have been continuously improved by materials R&D, investment in human resources, and the development of advanced manufacturing systems. Ridge prides itself on giving its customers an edge in materials performance day after day.

Ridge Corporation, an Ohio-based company, uses advanced materials to produce engineered solutions for multiple industries including all modes of freight transport. Using high performance materials coupled with proprietary manufacturing techniques, Ridge delivers a wide variety of design solutions that not only meet, but often exceed, customers' expectations.

About ARC, Inc.
Auto Research Center, LLC is an independent, specialty research and development ("R&D") enterprise founded in 1998, servicing a variety of vehicle types from the automotive, racing and commercial. At its global headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana (U.S.A), ARC leases time in its various test rigs (including a wind tunnel, driveline test rig, and seven-post rig) and provides dedicated spaces to clients for ongoing R&D tenancy. As part of its design and consultancy services, ARC offers specialized teams focused maximizing vehicular efficiencies within each of its client's industries. The Company also develops various computational fluid dynamics ("CFD") and vehicle dynamics software applications focused on vehicle design and simulation. A smaller portion of the business is focused on long-term licensing of proprietary technologies.

For more information please contact Gary Grandominico, President for the Ridge Corporation via email: gary.grandominico@ridgecorp.com or via phone: 614.421.7434. Visit our website at www.ridgecorp.com.

Source: Ridge Corporation