Ridge Corporation Gives Bret Moss the First 'World-Class Innovation' Award

1st World-Class Innovation Award

The Ridge Corporation, a composite solutions provider, recognized Bret Moss, Director of Product Engineering with the “World-Class Innovation Award." Bret has been with Ridge for 12+ years providing innovative leadership to the product engineering team. 

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About Ridge Corporation:
Ridge Corporation, an Ohio-based company, uses advanced materials to produce engineered solutions for multiple industries including all modes of freight transport. Using high-performance materials coupled with proprietary manufacturing techniques, Ridge delivers a wide variety of design solutions that not only meet but often exceed customers' expectations.

For more information, please contact Zach Rittler, Sales and Marketing Manager for Ridge Corporation via email: Zach.Rittler@RidgeCorp.com or via phone: 614.421.7434.

Source: Ridge Corporation