Richard DeNapoli Offers Trust Services to Families in South Florida

What sets Richard DeNapoli apart is his ability to understand what his client needs and then help them find the right estate planning options.

Richard DeNapoli is Chief Trust Officer at Coral Gables Trust

​Chief Trust Officer at Coral Gables Trust, Richard DeNapoli, helps families ensure generational wealth with estate planning and Trust services. For nearly two decades, Richard DeNapoli has worked with families in the South Florida area to secure their assets.

Richard DeNapoli has expertise in trust and estate planning services.  

Known for working with his clients to achieve their goals, Richard DeNapoli invests in understanding what his clients need. Since trusts are often set up for a variety of reasons, it’s important that all of the goals of the family and their assets are discussed before creating a plan for an estate. What sets Richard DeNapoli apart is his ability to understand what his client needs and then help them find the right estate planning options. 

Some families are looking to secure assets in the event of illness or death. Other families are looking for options to leave behind funds for grandchildren to go to college. Different types of trusts are designed to help families in different ways. Most people aren’t aware of the differences and need guidance to know which type of trust will best serve them. Richard DeNapoli prides himself on providing that guidance and helping families set up the types of trusts that they need. Call 786-497-1216​ for more information about trusts and estates, or go to ​

Richard DeNapoli secures his client’s assets with trusts that work for them.   

Using his expertise, Richard DeNapoli also helps his clients avoid the painful process of probate and can also aide a family member in selecting a trustee. When estate planning and setting up trusts, all of these small details matter. They can mean the difference in paying unnecessary taxes that can severely impact a family fortune. Families that are looking to protect their assets need an experienced professional on their side to look out for their best interest. 

Professionally, Richard DeNapoli provides expert guidance to his clients, regarding how to maintain their wealth. Most familial wealth is lost over time without the appropriate measures in place to save it. Setting up trusts that have intended uses ensures that grandchildren can go to college and the old family home stays in the right hands. Richard DeNapoli is proud to help educate his South Florida clients on setting up trusts and finalizing their estate planning.  

Richard DeNapoli has dedicated his career to looking out for other people.   

His service to the South Florida community doesn’t stop at helping set up trust accounts. He contributes to the community by educating others on the implications of tax law and the details of trusts. He has and continues to serve as a board member for many local businesses and organizations. This year, he was named a Board Member for Involved Families, an organization dedicated to preventing drug use and teaching community members how to make healthy choices.  

Richard DeNapoli is the Chief Trust Officer and the Fiduciary Counsel at Coral Gables Trust in Florida. He specializes in aiding his clients with estate planning and setting up trusts. He is active in the local community educating the public on Real Estate law and has been a regular contributor to notable publications, such as Miami Today. To inquire about how Richard DeNapoli can help with estate planning and trust services, South Florida residents should set up an initial consultation by calling 786-497-1216. Richard DeNapoli is responsible for this press release.

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