Revolutionary New Trend in Juicing Has Arrived - Rise Above the Competition This Juicing Season with the New Goodnature X-1 Hydraulic Juice Press

A breakthrough in cold press squeezing takes the juicing market by a storm; the Goodnature X-1 not only makes the process easy, efficient, and presentable, but also adds a professional touch to juicing, having become fashionable among juice makers.

Freshly Squeezed company introduces its new product of the month, the Goodnature X-1 Hydraulic Juice Press including EG260 grinder, a single layer cold press system capable of squeezing virtually any fruit and vegetable without destroying their valuable nutrients. This amazing new machine works on any good tasting ingredients of choice - apples, kale, ginger root, cucumber, watermelon, and more, guaranteeing the best taste with perfect efficiency. It is no wonder that cold pressing is becoming so fashionable - it is quickly proving to be the best solution to diverse juicing for any occasion.

Freshly Squeezed is known to specialize in juicing and small restaurant equipment, and has built quite a name for itself among juicer suppliers across North America and beyond. Among such products as the Zummo Z14 juicer and Sammic CK-301 vegetable preparation machine that conquered the market for the innovative designs and the best quality with utmost efficiency, the Goodnature X-1 is already proving to be a very quick seller to stores and restaurants nationwide since its unveiling earlier this quarter. "The X-1 is the equipment of choice among venues for the wealthy elites in South Beach, Florida to farmers at Fresh From the Farms, Pittsburgh, and Doc Bakers, Philadelphia to Beyond Juice in Detroit, and has proven its potential to reinvent American diet by producing up to 50 gallons per hour of the greenest and healthiest juices for the body", says Eric Guth, Sales Director of Freshly Squeezed, who has personally provided a multitude of his clients with the new cold press, ensuring a long-lasting relationship with plenty of satisfied customers. He recommends interested clients to try the machine for themselves and see just how amazing this new piece of equipment is.