Juice Like The Big Boys. The Latest And Greatest In Cold Press Technology

Freshly Squeezed introduces a new series of commercial cold presses for vegetables, greens, herbs and nuts - FS-12 and FS-30.

What little boy would ever turn down a chance to be Superman? Or little girl a chance to become a real princess?

Well, in the world of retail juice bars and cold press juice cleansing companies, the mark aimed for is Miami's Jugofresh, New York's Juice Press, or San Diego's Suja Juice success stories. But who could ever dream of manufacturing enough product without employing the entire city to do so on a home juicer like a Norwalk or Zumonat C-40? The other option, of course, is spending $20,000-$30,000 on an industrial cold press like the Freshly Squeezed FS-30 Cold Press or Goodnature X-1.

Thank goodness that as technology evolves, so do opportunities. For just over a third of the cost of the FS-30 and X-1, the Freshly Squeezed FS-12 Cold Press Juicer is capable of manufacturing up to 12 gallons of cold pressed nutmilk, leafy greens, veggies, and fruits, which translates into nearly 100 x 16 ounce cold pressed juices per hour. "The return on investment is astounding." says Nadya Solonina, co-owner of a juice cleansing start-up in South Florida. "I had thought that the only way I would be able to work a commercial cold press juicer is if I would get a job managing somebody else's juice shop, until the FS-12 landed in my lap."

Putting 8800 pounds of pressure on the product, and ideally coupled with Sammic CKE-8 vertical cutter/emulsifier vertical cutter/emulsifier, the FS-12 is capable of turning up to 80% of the weight of the fruit, nut, leafy green or veggie into juice. Feeder bags come in 2 different weaves: fine for nuts and leafy greens, and rough for higher fiber and juicier items like pineapple or celery. With a 10" x 10" pressing plate, and taking up only 22 inches x 33 inches of floor space, the FS-12 Cold Press can roll around and fit into the tightest of spaces. So now, the tallest of obstacles - cost and space - have both been leaped in a single bound, so to speak.

Freshly Squeezed, with offices in Miami and Cleveland, is the largest distributor of juicing equipment in North America. With 8 years of experience setting up juice bars in such far away places as Guam, the Yukon, Kalamazoo and everywhere in between, Freshly Squeezed is proud to present the FS-12 which is manufactured in the US and NSF compliant.

Eric Guth, National Sales Director for Freshly Squeezed and author of this article, can be reached at ericg@drinkfreshlysqueezed.com. Or if you have any urgent questions or queries, he can be contacted in the US and Canada at: 800-997-5352

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