Fresh Ideas To Increase Your Juice Sales!

Draw more and more customers to your store for freshly squeezed juices!

Juice bars are popping up everywhere, offering all sorts of different juice - from traditional OJ, using automatic juicing equipment like the Zummo Z14, to all kinds of cleanses using hydraulic presses, the Goodnature X-1, and even nuts. More and more, we're seeing a new trend within this industry: bottling and selling in a grab-and-go setting.

These days, we shouldn't be surprised to find 12oz, 32oz, or even half-gallon size jugs of freshly squeezed juice popping up at the local grocery store, coffee shop or bakery. People are becoming more and more aware that living a healthy lifestyle is partly contingent on drinking freshly squeezed juices. For many, a healthly lifestyle means hours in the gym every week, but more importantly, consuming the right things.

We all hate standing in line, waiting for 15-30 minutes for the juices to be extracted customer by customer. By bottling and refrigerating the juice and having it available for their consumers, juice bars everywhere are able to offer us exactly what we want, when we want it - freshly squeezed juice in a timely fashion. We no longer have to sit and wait while each ounce is pounded or spun out of the fruit. We can go in, pick out a bottle of our favorite mixed juices, pay and leave. Talk about convenient!

"Fifty percent of juice sales happen because of quality of the juice, the other 50 is the show", says Eric Guth, Sales Director of Freshly Squeezed. "The show can consist of the equipment in action, and/or a very nicely designed bottle and sticker on a refrigerated open display." Freshly Squeezed ( is known to specialize in commercial restaurant and juicing equipment accessories. Which has allowed them to build quite a name for themselves among juicer suppliers across North America and beyond, securing its position as an Exclusive Distributor for Zummo juicers for oranges, citrus and other fruits and vegetables, commercial and industrial juicers, and Goodnature hydraulic juicing presses.

"Every day, I'm fielding questions about or taking orders for more and more bottles. Designing more and more labels," says Justin Kelling, Assistant Sales Director for Freshly Squeezed. "Custom labeling, as well as the variety of our bottle sizes gives our clients tons of options to satisfy their customers' needs," he went on to say. With clients all over the US ordering bottles from Freshly Squeezed, they could be called the headliners of this new trend. (,

No matter how we look at it, juicing is here to stay. Now it really is just finding the best way to give the customer the best tasting juice in the most convenient way possible. Bottling fresh juice every day and letting them grab and go seems to be the best option around!

Author: Jake Fair
Freshly Squeezed
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