Reverend Fred Roark's New Book, 'A Bible Study Guide on Revelation' is a Thought-Provoking Study About the 22 Chapters in the Book of Revelation

Recent release "A Bible Study Guide on Revelation" from Covenant Books author Reverend Fred Roark is a well-written manual that thoroughly depicts the meaning of Jesus' word in the last and prophetic book in the Bible.

Reverend Fred Roark, an expositor for a number of years in South Carolina churches, an author for both fiction and non-fiction as well as spiritual books, has completed his new book, "A Bible Study Guide on Revelation": a substantial piece designed to explore the depths of the last 22 chapters of the Bible, the book of Revelation. Each chapter provides clarity and better understanding of Jesus' objectives and actions.

Roark writes, "The third angel poured out his bowl

on the Rivers and Springs of water,

and they became blood.

Revelation 16:4

He was eighteen when he traded his faith for the carnal life of his friends. He lost his grounding in the moral guidance of a spiritual life. He was admired by his peers for his successes earned at the cost of others.

For centuries, modern man has been in conflict with spiritual morality and secular acceptance. As a result, man is often faced with dilemmas of faith and temporal realities.

The Book of Revelation is the only one of prophecy in the New Testament.  Through its use of metaphors, symbols and imagery serves as a cautionary writing of the dangers of being left behind. The study guide emphasizes through understanding how you may save your soul. Then exposes a second chance available to the unfortunate.

A Study Guide for the Book of Revelation will walk with you through your questions of doubt, confusion, and fear of the final twenty-two chapters of the Bible. Included are explanations, examples, and emphasis to provide clarity and a more complete understanding. 

So, my friend, if you have a yen to explore the end, I'll let you in, God always wins."

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Reverend Fred Roark's new book is an extremely life-changing handbook that provides ways on how to obtain salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Readers can purchase "A Bible Study Guide on Revelation" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

Covenant Books is an international Christian owned and operated publishing house based in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. Covenant Books specializes in all genres of work which appeal to the Christian market. For additional information or media inquiries, contact Covenant Books at 843-507-8373.   

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