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3D printers available in the market helps the business owners in Houston to give life to their projects on paper without harming the environment.

​Modern technological advancements have completely changed the way business are done today. How good or bad it is, is just a matter of time. Things are done now with just a touch of the finger, and the invention of office equipment has proved to do so. From having a firm communication system, to get all the documents printed, everything has become affordable, and Office Systems of Texas just adds to the pleasure.

We are an authorized Konica Minolta dealer since 1977 and are the source for a wide range of the latest, state-of-the-art 3D printers. For the past four decades, we haven't shifted our focus from copy, fax, printing, scanning, wide format, and all your other document solutions- and that has allowed us to keep our inventory updated to the latest technology used in the document management industry.

Being the sole Epson dealer in Houston, the multi-functional office equipment we provide allow businesses of all sizes to meet their high-speed production needs. From desktop printing, copying, and faxing to commercial 3D printing, we have ready-made solutions for all the specific needs of our clients, giving them the necessary edge in business. Apart from these hardware services, we even deliver software solution to our clients to help them meet the most complex challenges in business. While any service or repair is needed, we make sure that only OEM parts are used so that they keep delivering optimum service to our clients and their business needs.

At Office System of Texas, all those who work have got in-depth knowledge about the office equipment like scanners printers and copiers. All the products that we sell are listed on our giving a detailed description of each of them. Our customers can also call us at 281-443-2996 to fix an appointment with our professionals. We are simply the best in the industry that you can ever have.

About the Company

Office Systems of Texas is an Authorized Dealer for Konica Minolta Business Solutions and Samsung Electronics. Their focus is on all of the copy, fax, printing, scanning, wide format and document solution needs, keeping an eye on today’s technological advances in the industry. They have equipment to provide solutions for any business organization’s needs, ranging from desktop copying and faxing to high speed multi-functional production systems.

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