Recruiting for Good Rewards Linnea Duvall Fathom Cruise for Creative Writing Contest

Recruiting for Good, a cause based staffing company, whose mission is helping people travel and see the world. Hosted five creative writing events in the community to inspire participation and make a difference in people's lives. The topic was, "choose one word that can change the world, and tell us why?" Linnea Duvall's winning entry and word was gratitude.

​​​​​​Recruiting for Good, a cause based staffing company, hosted five creative writing events and inspired 68 entries. The writing entries were independently judged for by David Andersen of David Andersen Pianos, and Michelle White Hart. 

Linnea Duvall's winning entry was, “Gratitude can change the world, because as each of us is fully grateful and aware of all that we have, rather than striving and striving for more, we can begin to look around ourselves and see what our gratitude filled hearts can bestow on others to change and uplift their lives. As each life is uplifted and gifted there will be a “pay it forward” movement that can change the world!”

Gratitude can change the world.

Carlos Cymerman, Passionate Driven Founder

Linnea will enjoy a 7 day trip for two people to the Dominican Republic with Fathom Impact+Travel Cruises. 

Recruiting for Good Founder, Carlos Cymerman adds, "I want to personally thank Fathom Impact+Travel for rewarding one of their purposeful trips, and entrusting me to create a fun creative writing contest, that made a difference in the community."  


Recruiting for Good, a fun cause based staffing company, whose mission is "helping people travel and see the world for good," has been connecting talented technical professionals to great jobs since 1998. People make referrals to earn fun travel with Fathom. Visit to start today.

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Linnea M. Duvall is a Marriage Family Therapist in Santa Monica, “Teens and families are my passion, because it is in our families that the future is forged. I DO believe our children are our future”. To learn more about her practice, check out In addition, Linnea is a creative social entrepreneur.  Her line of accessories and handbags is Glad Rag Bags, “All our handbags and accessories are handcrafted by women artisans in Latin America, from gathered “rags” if you will: Soda Can tabs, inner tube from tires, and coming soon, a line made from candy wrappers.”  

​​Michelle White Hart has taught hundreds of Highly sensitive Coach-preneurs how to dance with their visibility and techno-phobia so that they can fully express themselves authentically on video and attract committed clients from around the world. visit

Source: Recruiting for Good

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