Recruiting for Good Launches Service to Help 10 Good People Fund Antarctica Trips

Recruiting for Good, a fun cause based staffing agency will collaboratively help ten people who volunteer or work in a nonprofit or school; fund Antarctica adventure destinations every year.

​Recruiting for Good, a fun cause based staffing agency will collaboratively help ten people who volunteer or work in a nonprofit or school; fund Antarctica adventure destinations every year. 

According to Carlos Cymerman, founder of Recruiting for Good, "We asked Jennifer Zivic, an inspiring adventure travel professional who loves to make a difference 'if you could choose 1 place you always wanted to experience that would change your life for good; what would it be? She said Antarctica. So we decided to follow her lead and reward people who 'Do Good' access to our personal travel funding service; to experience one of the natural wonders of the world.”

Choose 1 destination you always want to experience that will change your life. Imagine a personal travel service that will help you get there.

Carlos Cymerman

Passionate Driven Founder

Jennifer Zivic added, "Most people view Antarctica as a place not possible to get to, so getting there means you will start to see the world without limits."

How Do People Earn Funding for Travel

1) A person simply refers a family member, friend, or co-worker who is looking for a technical job to Recruiting for Good. 
2) Recruiting for Good works to find the referred person a suitable technical job with a company. When the referred person completes the probation period. Recruiting for Good rewards $2,500 toward the person's booked travel reservation.                                                       3) Every referral that leads to a placement lowers the cost of the Antarctica trip. Recruiting for Good continues to work with people year after year until final payment of trip is due.

According to Adventure Smith Explorations, travel expert, Tiffany Corbell, "Antarctica’s uniqueness is beyond any other travel destination visited. It is the last place on Earth that no one owns and that has been left alone for scientific research and peaceful operations. This coldest, windiest, and driest continent in the world is a blank canvas of beauty and inspiration. Being surrounded by the silence of pristine snow covered peaks and icebergs while watching penguins, leopard seals and whales in their icy habitat will forever leave an impression on your heart." 


Recruiting for Good, a fun cause-based staffing company, whose mission is "helping people travel and see the world for good;" has been connecting talented Information Technology and Engineering professionals to great jobs; since 1998. Recruiting for Good; rewards people who make referrals with fun global travel to enjoy or share with family and friends. Visit to start today.

 Jennifer Zivic has taken part in outdoor mountaineering experiences internationally that have raised over $65,000 for the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation in her father’s name successfully tying in career interests & personal passions. Ms. Zivik earned an MBA in Marketing at Hofstra University, has taught as an adjunct professor in New York City, and has been a guest speaker at various universities. Jennifer Zivik is the Adventure Travel Gal and has been cultivating her blog for over 7 years and has now married her travel passions with her career path by working in various aspects of the travel industry. To learn more visit

Adventure Smith Explorations offers small cruise, sustainable travel booking service to Antarctica, for more information contact Tiffany Corbell, Adventure Specialist;, 800-728-2875 x104


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