Recke Industries Limited Offers a Range of MultiCookers that Redefines Cooking

Recke Industries Limited is a renowned company that rolls out a wide range of kitchen appliances, including multifunctional cookers, online.

Recke Industries Limited

Nestled in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, RECKE INDUSTRIES LIMITED is a distinguished company that leads its niche segment. Since its inception, the company has been rolling out quality impeccably designed kitchen appliances like RECKE MultiCookers and other consumer essentials at reasonable prices. Speaking volumes of quality workmanship, the range of products, including electric kettles, microwave ovens, air conditioners, bread maker, television, and more, available with the company simply compliments contemporary homes. Of late, RECKE INDUSTRIES LIMITED has emerged as a reliable source for all those who wish to lay hands on quality and stylishly designed products that have the potential to add convenience to human lives.

Mr. Suchit Kumar - Business Development Manager MEA (Middle East & Africa) at RECKE INDUSTRIES LIMITED – while talking about the company recently stated, “With a distribution network in more than 20 countries across the globe, RECKE INDUSTRIES LIMITED is a part of the business conglomerate involved in the business of home appliances, electronics, and other consumer essentials. Following the principles of excellence, simplicity, and durability religiously, we provide customers with high-end and user-friendly products. With an experienced team having deep knowledge of market trends and technologies, we have been satiating diverse customer requirements successfully since our establishment.”

A comprehensive range of RECKE MultiCookers is the premier offering of RECKE INDUSTRIES LIMITED. These multifunctional cookers are designed to make the otherwise time and effort intensive procedure of cooking easy and quick. RECKE MultiCooker is an automated multifunctional cooking machine that can cook, steam, fry, stew, bake, warm up, boil, slow cook, and do much more. This simply implies that having one of the RECKE MultiCookers in the kitchen enables user to do without a number of other kitchen appliances, including microwave, oven, fryer, steamer and boiler. It eventually helps users save money, electricity and kitchen space. Additionally, RECKE MultiCookers promote healthy cooking, as they require minimal or no oil to prepare meals.

Mr. Suchit Kumar further added, “Our diligently designed and extremely functional RECKE MultiCooker serves as a personal chef to its users. With the ‘Scheduled Start’ function, one can set breakfast, lunch, and dinner in advance for the easy management of one’s time. Capable of taking customer convenience and delight altogether to a higher level, our smart cookers come equipped with automatic cooking programs and ‘PRO-fessional’ mode that makes the life of users in the kitchen.  With a total of 69 cooking programs (20 Automatic/49 Manual) and a recipe book containing 250 recipes that accompanies every RECKE MultiCooker, we make cooking quick, easy, and interesting.”

Baby care is yet another feature that is making RECKE MultiCookers all the rage these days. These cookers can cook different meals, such as buckwheat, rice, broths, purees, oat groats, soups, and yogurts, while preserving vitamins and nutrients, which are essential for a healthy baby growth. Smart cookers are high in terms of energy efficiency as well, as they can save up to 84% energy compared to other electric appliances available in the market. With features like overheat protection and sealed lid, RECKE MultiCookers are safe to us. Those who require more information on smart cooker can refer to RECKE INDUSTRIES LIMITED’s website.


Having an undying passion for innovation and achieving the ultimate in customer delight, RECKE INDUSTRIES LIMITED is a Hong Kong based conglomerate that rolls out an extensive range of kitchen appliances, including RECKE MultiCookers, featuring latest technologies. Therefore, for those who wish to buy rice cooker, RECKE INDUSTRIES LIMITED can be an ideal resource online.

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