Reach Analytics Launches First in the Market Predictive Cloud Solution for B2C Marketers to Identify New Prospects

Reach Analytics releases today first in the market self -service predictive cloud application for B2C marketers to get highly targeted marketing prospects in minutes. The output results, produced within minutes after uploading data, include the display of a customer concentration map and details across several key demographic and socio-economic factors. Reach Analytics' Predictive Cloud is available now at

Predictive Cloud Markitecture

​​​​​​Reach Analytics, a cloud software company that provides targeted prospects for sales and marketing today announced the release of a new cloud-based Predictive Marketing solution.

Reach Analytics' new offering is poised to revolutionize the way the companies acquire new consumers. During the past decade, very little has changed in how companies identify new consumer leads: either they make very generic selections of prospects lists based on filters or they go through a lengthy predictive modeling process, where they need to rely on experts in data cleansing and data science.

With the new solution from Reach Analytics, this is about to change in a dramatic way. Reach Analytics is combining advanced data science and data wrangling techniques as well as cloud computing to enable marketers to generate detailed consumers profiles within seconds and lists of highly targeted marketing prospects through predictive models within minutes. This new solution brings traditional consumer acquisition approach to a new level by enabling business people such as CMOs, Marketing Directors, Circulation Managers to gain access to their best prospects within minutes of loading the name and address of their current customers.

"The B2C market has been asking for a quick way to get valuable new marketing leads at an affordable rate. With Reach Analytics' Predictive Cloud, marketing executives can now instantly gain new insights on their customers and find relevant prospects to expand their market share. The huge computing power provided by the cloud and sophisticated machine learning applied to large data enables us to offer the power of predictive analytics to smaller marketing teams." says Bruno Delahaye, Chief Executive Officer.

 "As Direct Marketing industry veteran for over 30 years, and as the founder of Reach Analytics and board member, I have held the vision that our NEW WAY will now enable the vast majority of marketing operations to deliver significantly higher and faster ROI on their omni-channel campaigns by applying our analytic solutions to obtain direct access to highly targeted, newly uncovered prospects in just seconds" says Mike Green, Chairman Emeritus of Reach Analytics.

"In my career as marketer and predictive specialist I have never seen a new offering that could change the customer acquisition market in such a way before. I believe the B2C Predictive Cloud of Reach Analytics will transform our industry" says Richard Helmer, PhD.

Reach Analytics, is so confident in the capacity of its new solution that they have decided to launch as a freemium model where predictive models are built for marketers at no charge. For a limited period of time they will also provide the consumer profiling for free.

Product Highlights

Reach Analytics' Predictive Cloud leverages powerful machine learning to create a demographic profile from a simple customer list that companies upload. It cleans, de-dupes, and analyzes the customer data along with millions of appended data fields that Reach Analytics hosts.

The output results, produced within minutes after uploading data, include the display of a customer concentration map and details across several key demographic and socio-economic factors.

The look-alike model is used to target households with the highest propensity to buy like the specific company's current customers.  The marketing executive can immediately purchase and download his next best new customer leads.

Pricing and Availability

Reach Analytics' Predictive Cloud is available now at and for a limited period, creation of predictive customer profiles are free for trial.

More than 30 years of experience in predictive marketing technology with proven results is behind Reach Analytics' solutions to help B2C companies increase their marketing ROI.

Source: Reach Analytics


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