Rabbit Product Design is Helping Inventors and Entrepreneurs Bring Their Pandemic-Fighting Innovations to the Market

Inventors and entrepreneurs choose Rabbit Product Design to develop new product ideas for fighting the pandemic due to the speed with which its all-in-one, end-to-end product design services can bring products to market.

​​​​​Entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators working to develop products to help combat and manage the spread of COVID-19 are choosing Rabbit Product Design to bring their ideas into reality. Rabbit Product Design offers the most comprehensive, end-to-end solution for developing new products, all under one roof. Their expert staff supports entrepreneurs through patent research, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and crowdfunding, helping entrepreneurs to get new innovations to market faster and meet the urgent demand.

“Many predict that the pandemic will cause a shift in consumer habits,” says Adam Tavin, Head of Sales and Marketing and Co-Founder of Rabbit Product Design. “It has also inspired entrepreneurs to find urgent solutions to the problems people are currently facing, whether it’s new hand sanitizer dispenser designs, innovative cleaning devices, or products that protect people from the virus. They’re committed to creating innovative products that offer immediate solutions and long-term solutions, and we’re there to support them.”

Rabbit Product Design offers a number of benefits for entrepreneurs and inventors looking to bring new product ideas to market fast. In-house patent research, experienced design and engineering teams, low-cost, high-quality manufacturing, crowdfunding and product launch services are all available to Rabbit Product Design customers to help them bring their ideas to reality — many of which are fully conceptualized and brought to market within nine to 12 months on average.

"From the start of my venture into the invention world, I didn't know where to begin. I tried several prototype builders and found they either couldn't help me or wasn't what I wanted which is trust. Since my journey began and started investigating companies one stood out above all and that was Rabbit product design. They have the knowledge, the engineering and the know-how to get your product from paper to reality. I am very impressed with there customer service and highly recommend them to everyone," said Michael H., a client of Rabbit Product Design.

A number of products created by Rabbit Product Design and designed by its clients are being sold in major retailers including Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and more.

For those who have a product idea, visit rabbitproductdesign.com today to schedule a consultation. 

About Rabbit Product Design

Rabbit Product Design provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for creating and taking new products to market. The company supports the creation of new products through every phase, including patent researching, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and crowdfunding. Learn more at https://www.rabbitproductdesign.com/home. 

Adam Tavin, Head of Sales and Marketing and Co-Founder at Rabbit Product Design
​Email: adam.tavin@rabbitpd.com

Source: Rabbit Product Design