Free Product Development Consultation From Rabbit Product Design Helps Entrepreneurs Get Ideas to Market Fast

A free product development consultation is just one of the many services that Rabbit Product Design's four-phase, end-to-end process entails, helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas to reality.

Now entrepreneurs can turn their ideas into reality quickly and easily with Rabbit Product Design and their free product development consultation; it's the first step of their end-to-end process that helps take products from concept to reality, and get them to market faster. Incorporating every aspect of product development, from patent research, to engineering and prototyping, then manufacturing — and now crowdfunding and marketing — Rabbit Product Design covers every aspect in the complex process of bringing unique product ideas to life.

With over 27 years of experience, Rabbit Product Design is a leader in taking an idea and launching a product to the market, and is the only U.S. firm with in-house patent research. Since they employ only senior-level designers and engineers, they deliver quality products and you should spend less money and get to market faster.

Rabbit Product Design has an entire team of professionals to help to support entrepreneurs and inventors: researchers, industrial designers, mechanical and electronics engineers, software and app developers, prototype experts, and manufacturing engineers all ready to help bring the next great idea to market.

A number of products created by Rabbit Product Design and designed by its clients are being sold online and in major retailers including Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and more.

For those who have a product idea, visit today to schedule a consultation. 

About Rabbit Product Design

Rabbit Product Design provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for creating and taking new products to market. The company supports the creation of new products through every phase, including patent researching, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and crowdfunding. Learn more at


Adam Tavin, Head of Sales and Marketing and Co-Founder at Rabbit Product Design

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