Rabbit Product Design Helps Inventors Take Product Ideas to Market

From napkin sketches to product launches, Rabbit Product Design knows the ins and outs of the development process like no one else in the business.

​Rabbit Product Design, a product design company offering end-to-end product development, has helped a variety of clients transform their product ideas into physical realities that are ready to go to market. With years of experience designing and developing products for the consumer market, medical field, and high technology industry, among others, the Rabbit Product Design team has been able to bring a multitude of napkin concept sketches to the product launch stage.   

The company recommends those with product concepts to begin their development process by conducting extensive patent and technology research. If an exact idea has been taken or requires specific electronic components, workarounds and solution planning can be managed accordingly. 

Adam Tavin, Head of Sales and Marketing at Rabbit Product Design, has consistently emphasized the importance of building a strong team to effectively guide the product through the different stages of the development process. 

“All products require many different skill sets to get to the finish line, and as we all know, no one person can be great at everything,” said Tavin. 

“Trying to do this by piecing together multiple freelancers or companies rarely ever works. If one person or company fails to do their job, it all falls apart. This usually results in the project leaders having to start over at some point, which can be costly. I highly recommend investing in experienced workers, as a substantial investment in quality human capital early on can make a world of difference in the end when it comes to minimizing costs.” 

After conducting detailed research and constructing a reliable team to develop the product, the Rabbit Product Design team recommends determining features, set, and appearance during the concept development stage. When the concept has been finalized, it is crucial to file a provisional patent and build a proof-of-concept prototype to remove risk and validate key functionality.

At this point, the team typically advises clients to go through a full engineering process, which includes industrial design, mechanical and electronics engineering, and the building of a pre-production prototype. From there, a non-provisional patent can be filed, and factory sourcing processes can be put into motion to find the right fit for the product and expected production volumes.

The final step in the development process includes the creation and implementation of strategic marketing campaigns. During this stage, one must determine the advertising channels that will best resonate with target audiences of the product. If done correctly, this step can result in high volumes of qualified sales leads and conversions. 

To learn more about Rabbit Product Design and to schedule a free consultation, please visit https://www.rabbitproductdesign.com/.  

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We are a product design company offering end-to-end product development for Consumer Products, Medical Devices, Soft Goods, and a strong background in high technology products such as IoT, Smart Devices, and Wearables.

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